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The best articles, SHTF blog posts and news items on surviving disaster and SHTF survival.

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SHTF Preparation / Defense / Economy

Oct 25 Survival Skills Checklist – The Stuff That You Need to Know! - The Survivalist Blog
Oct 25 How to build a Rocket Stove using 16, 20, or 24 bricks – The Survivalist Blog
Oct 25 Gold at $7,000 article goes viral in Chinese media – Before It’s News
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Oct 24 Ebola Response Teams: U.S. military Team to be Deployed inside the United States – Off Grid Survival
Oct 24 Ebola Confirmed In New York: Patient Rode Subway, Went Bowling, Took Taxi - SHTF Plan
Oct 24 “I’ll Come To Your Place When SHTF” – No You Won’t – SHTF Plan
Oct 23 How to Find Other Preppers In Your Area - Prepper Website*
Oct 23 Common Sense Strategies for Teaching Gun Safety: Guns Are a Big Deal – Prepper Website*
Oct 23 The Walking Dead: Strangers – TEOTWAWKI
Oct 23 Quarantined…… - Modern Survival Online
Oct 23 Essentials for a Vehicle Emergency Kit – Modern Survival Online
Oct 22 Fast Track Tip #11: Be Informed With NOAA Weather Radio - Backdoor Survival
Oct 22 13 Ways To Roll With the Punches – Backdoor Survival
Oct 22 ​Ebola hysteria soars to new heights in US schools – Daily Sheeple
Oct 22 Bug-In Supplies for Pets - Before It’s News
Oct 22 Stock Market Futures Up on AAPL-Driven Tech Buying Spree – Before It’s News
Oct 21 How To Position Yourself To Survive A Major TEOTWAWKI Event - SHTF Plan
Oct 21 Four Survival Guns – Modern Survival Blog
Oct 21 Post-Civilization Smithing, by THS - Survival Blog
Oct 21 Preserving Western Culture After TEOTWAWKI, by Professor P – Survival Blog
Oct 21 Why We Hold Hard Assets II – Whiskey and Gunpowder

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Prepper Deals

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