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The best articles, SHTF blog posts and news items on surviving disaster and SHTF survival.

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SHTF Preparation / Defense / Economy

April 15 Federal Agents Flee Bunkerville Citing “Safety Concerns”… – SHTF Plan
April 15 A Simple Way to Sidestep High-Frequency Traders - Whiskey and Gunpowder
April 15 Why the Feds Want to Cripple Home Businesses – Whiskey and Gunpowder
April 15 Is This New Device a Solution for Free Clean Drinking Water? – Daily Sheeple*
April 15 The Ups and Downs of Urban Farming - SHTF Blog
April 15 Prepper Expos – Prepping Gets Popular – SHTF Blog
April 14 What weapons should you use to defend your home? - Prepper Website*
April 14 10 First Aid Skills Every Parent Should Know – Prepper Website*
April 14 Profit With the Sharks in the Biotech Market – Whiskey and Gunpowder
April 14 Spring Gun Show ’14 - TEOTWAWKI Blog
April 14 Updates… – TEOTWAWKI Blog
April 13 U.S. Economy on Brink of Systemic Failure - The Survivalist Blog
April 13 DC/AC Power Distribution Panel Part 4 – The Survivalist Blog
April 13 Would You? Could You? Eat a Person? - Daily Sheeple*
April 13 Ohio Provides Newest Evidence Linking Fracking to Earthquakes – Daily Sheeple*
April 13 Sheriff of Clark County Announces Feds Leaving Bundy’s Land - Off Grid Survival
April 13 Obama Administration Budget includes $1.1 Billion for Gun Control – Off Grid Survival
April 12 You Can’t Eat Gold… But It’s Portable, Easy To Trade and Confiscation-Proof - SHTF Plan
April 12 “All Evidence Points to US Economic Failure in 2014″ – SHTF Plan
April 12 Tornado Survival and Recovery – Survival Blog
April 12 Simply Canning + Interview with Sharon Peterson - Backdoor Survival
April 12 12 Months of Prepping: Month Three – Backdoor Survival
April 11 James Turk & Chris Waltzek - Before It’s News*
April 11 Debt: Destroyer of Lives, Businesses, and Countries – Before It’s News*
April 11 A Public Service Announcement on the SIG SB15 Brace – TEOTWAWKI Blog
April 11 INFOGRAPHIC: How to Select a Tactical Knife - Modern Survival Online
April 11 Sustainable Livestock for SHTF……SHEEP – Modern Survival Online

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