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SHTF Preparation / Defense / Economy

May 23 Budgeting for Supplies – The 60% Solution – Modern Survival Online
May 23 Review: Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro Black LED Pen Flashlight - Modern Survival Online
May 23 Your Brain — Addicted to Reward – Whiskey and Gunpowder
May 23 A Guide to Assembling an Off-grid Carpentry Tool Box, by B.F. – Survival Blog
May 23 Orange Coffee Nut Firestarters, by Missouri Maven - Survival Blog
May 22 Drones For Security – SHTF Blog
May 22 Mad Max: Fury Road Review – SHTF Blog
May 22 Food Storage: # 10 Cans VS 5 Gallon Buckets – The Survivalist Blog
May 22 Is Martial Law Justified If ISIS Attacks?  – SHTF Plan
May 22 “Threat of 3rd World War Real” – Billionaire Soros Warns Currency War … – SHTF Plan
May 21 Be Prepared… – Daily Sheeple
May 21 Why Is the System so Screwed Up? Because Corruption Is Legal – Daily Sheeple
May 21 Using Antibiotics Wisely – Modern Survival Online
May 21 4 Step Household Evacuation Plan – Before It’s News
May 21 Are These Ticking Time Bombs In Your Portfolio? – Before It’s News
May 20 Warren Buffett And The Chinese Are Loading Up On Hard Assets- Whiskey and Gunpowder
May 20 If You’re Worried About Rising Interest Rates, Read This… - Whiskey and Gunpowder
May 20 What Items Should You Stock For The Purpose Of Barter? – Modern Survival Blog
May 20 The Substitute You Might Not Ever Want To Substitute! – Prepper Website*
May 20 11 Ways To Light Your Home When The Power Goes Out – Prepper Website*
May 19 Executive Order 13603 and What it Means for Preppers… – The Survivalist Blog
May 19 How to plug a tire in a road side emergency – The Survivalist Blog
May 19 Best Practices: The Every Day Carry Bag aka EDC – Backdoor Survival
May 19 INI-power: Electro-juice on mogas, propane, paint thinner and more – TEOTWAWKI Blog
May 19 Review: Mad Max: Fury Road – Worth the wait! – TEOTWAWKI Blog
May 18 Civil Forfeitures: Government Seizing U.S. Citizen’s Bank Accounts… – Off Grid Survival
May 18 Security Level Raised at U.S. Military Bases: F.B.I. Director warns… - Off Grid Survival
May 18 Optimizing Training for the Committed Prepper, by F.M. – Survival Blog
May 18 North Korea launches ballistic missile from submarine – Modern Survival Online
May 18 Dry food Storage Using 2 and 3 ltr. Plastic Soda Bottles – Modern Survival Online
May 17 Titanic Problem For The Economy- Modern Survival Blog
May 17 Dual Sensor Smoke and Fire Alarm, and Why They Are The Best- Modern Survival Blog
May 17 Remember When..the US Deficit Was “Only” $82.7 Billion?- Whiskey and Gunpowder
May 17 Living Free Without Permission: “Building Without a Permit, Driving … – SHTF Plan
May 17 Pentagon Paid Sports Franchises to Salute Troops and “Conjure Up… – SHTF Plan
May 16 Chilling Surveillance Video Captures Woman Stopping Home Invasion – Daily Sheeple
May 16 What Are Your Generation’s Chances of Surviving Doomsday? – Daily Sheeple
May 16 12 Ways to Add Layers To Your Home Security – Prepper Website*
May 16 Digital Security- Part 2, by Dakota – Survival Blog
May 16 Digital Security- Part 1, by Dakota – Survival Blog
May 15 Networking After TSHTF – SHTF Blog
May 15 Fifty-Year Folly: Three Reasons to Ditch Diversity – SHTF Blog
May 15 Security Level Raised at U.S. Military Bases: F.B.I. Director… – Off Grid Survival
May 15 Finding Your Way Back Home Without a Map and Compass – Backdoor Survival
May 15 The Survival Buzz #168 – Backdoor Survival
May 14 Breakaway Civilization Implications – Before It’s News
May 14 How to Start a Fire Without Matches – Before It’s News
May 14 10 Ways To Protect Your Privacy – Modern Survival Blog
May 14 The Greatest Threat To Our National Security – Modern Survival Online
May 14 Getting Started with Survival Preparations – Modern Survival Online
May 13 Being Prepared to Live in Your Car Successfully – Prepper Website*
May 13 6 Reasons Not to Get an Electric Knife Sharpener – Prepper Website*
May 13 Getting Started with Survival Preparations – Before It’s News
May 13 The Cars of Mad Max: Fury Road – TEOTWAWKI Blog
May 13 Max Velocity on Patrol Loads and Packs – TEOTWAWKI Blog
May 12 Ditch These 3 Terrible IPOs - Whiskey and Gunpowder
May 12 The Awful Way Social Security Might Be “Saved” – Whiskey and Gunpowder
May 12 An Emergency Hand Pump For A Well, by C.P. – Survival Blog
May 12 Weapons and tools for foraging and self-defense – The Survivalist Blog
May 12 How to Carry a Gun – The Survivalist Blog
May 11 The Push to Ban Paper Currency: Economic Freedom at Stake… – Off Grid Survival
May 11 US military moving back into Doomsday base a decade after… – Off Grid Survival
May 11 Cutting the Cord: 3 Ways to Save on Monthly Cable Bills – Modern Survival Online
May 11 The World’s Creepiest Weapons (Nearly Ten Years Ago) – Daily Sheeple
May 11 When Your Back’s Against the Wall, Don’t Be There – Daily Sheeple
May 10 Online Scanner: Police-Fire-Emergency – Modern Survival Blog
May 10 Get Outside, Into The Real World, Take A Walk – Modern Survival Blog
May 10 How To Put Together an Effective Patrol / Guard Duty Kit – The Survivalist Blog
May 10 When The Elites Wage War On America, This Is How They Will Do It – SHTF Plan
May 10 A Green Beret’s Guide To Basics and Priorities: Rucksacks,… – SHTF Plan
May 9 Survival Nutrition 101: What Is Bio-Availability? – Backdoor Survival
May 9 21 Mothers Day Gifts That Won’t Cost a Dime – Backdoor Survival
May 9 Bird Flu Outbreak: 21 Million Birds Dead or Scheduled to be…  – Off Grid Survival
May 9 A Decade of Prepping, Do’s and Do Not’s, by R.R. – Survival Blog
May 9 Communications In Dark Times, by J.B – Survival Blog
May 8 CPR Training For Everyone: Why It Is Important – Before It’s News
May 8 Stock Market Crash Looming? How to Protect Yourself – Before It’s News
May 8 America’s Main Problem: Corruption – Daily Sheeple
May 8 Taking care of ourselves here at home first…. – Modern Survival Online
May 8 Video: Ted Nugent is my Hero!!!! – Modern Survival Online
May 7 Emergency Alert System Vulnerabilities Could Allow Terrorists… – Prepper Website*
May 7 Understanding a New World Order in Economics Is Possible – Prepper Website*
May 7 Best SHTF Vehicles – Modern Survival Blog
May 7 Tesla Powerwall – TEOTWAWKI Blog
May 6 Build a Grab ‘N’ Go Pistol Bag for less than $500 – SHTF Blog
May 6 10 Best Outcomes of TEOTWAWKI - SHTF Blog
May 6 The Survival Buzz #167 – Backdoor Survival
May 6 DIY Solar Garden Light Hack – Solar Battery Charger – The Survivalist Blog
May 6 How to Make a Tin Can Trail Alarm – The Survivalist Blog
May 5 White House dismisses rumors of Texas takeover; Texas Governor… – Off Grid Survival
May 5 Will Social Unrest Lead to a National Police Force? Baltimore… – Off Grid Survival
May 5 What Happens If Someone Takes Over Your Home Once the SHTF? – Before It’s News
May 5 Is the Internet Beginning to Reach Its Limits? – Daily Sheeple
May 5 Why the Powers That Be Are Pushing a Cashless Society – Daily Sheeple
May 4 Major U.S. Retailers Are Closing More Than 6,000 Stores: “Middle …  – SHTF Plan
May 4 Keep It On The Down Low: Top 5 Ways To Hide Your Guns and Gear – SHTF Plan
May 4 Nine Steps to Prepare for an Upcoming Job Loss – Prepper Website*
May 4 The Crash, The Reset, Martial Law By This Time Next Year? – Modern Survival Blog
May 4 1-2-3 Survival - Modern Survival Blog
May 3 How to Homestead When You Rent Part Five – Backdoor Survival
May 3 10 Ways Hiking Can Help You Be Better Prepared – Backdoor Survival
May 3 Guerrilla Gardening for Fun and Survival – The Survivalist Blog
May 3 A Commercial Diver’s Guide to Emergency Preparedness, by A. Diver – Survival Blog
May 3 The Frog In A Slowly Heating Pot, by N.H. – Survival Blog

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