10 Reasons Donald Trump As President is Great For the United States

May 7, 2016 by

We hear a lot from the mainstream media about the chaos that will ensue with the Donald Trump as president.  However, we know where that message comes from these days.

Check out our 10 reasons we think Donald Trump as president would be great for America.

Donald Trump As President

1) He Is Decisive

One characteristic in a president that is absolutely required is being decisive. Even George Bush knew that he had to be a “decider”.

With Donald Trump as President, you will get a leader that will make decisions and stick by them. No waffling or taking forever to make that decision either.

2) Experience As A Leader

A president must have experience as a leader and not just any leader. A leader must lead not only when things are going well but when times are tough and people need motivation.

Donald Trump has lead multiple businesses and has seen it all. We want a president that can lead at all times, not just when times are good. That’s easy.

3) He Is Not A Politician

With Donald Trump as President, you know you are not getting someone who has already got ties to senators/house members/etc. He is certainly not a politician and will certainly rock the establishment as President.

Who wants another politician in there handing out favors and playing the Washington game?

4) Knows How To Hire Smart People

You cannot succeed in business without knowing how to hire smart people. As a business owner, Donald Trump has realized that he cannot do everything well and hired people that could do the job.

As President, Donald Trump will get the best people for the job and best of all….they won’t be politicians.

5) Will Execute On His Promises

In his campaign, Donald Trump has promised to tell it like it is and to be fully self funded. Well, in his bid to become President, we has certainly not filtered himself when speaking. In fact, you could argue that you’d like him to back off his rhetoric at times.

In addition, he has not taken SuperPac money and continues to self fund his campaign (he does accept individual donations).

6) Knows How To Trim Fat

With Donald Trump as President, we can be sure of a lean and effective government. You cannot run businesses without knowing about efficiency and keeping costs low.

Our government has been a bloated source of potential savings for a long time. As President, you can bet Donald Trump will have a team focused on trimming the fat and making it a well-oiled machine.

7) Not Tied To Big Money

As mentioned above, Donald Trump has not taken SuperPac money in his run for President. This is huge because he will not be tied to any special interest groups when he becomes President.

In the past, these groups have influenced policy and blocked key bills from becoming laws that could help this great country. When you are rich, you have no reason to do favors to these large groups.

8) He Is A Master Negotiatior

Donald Trump has always been known as a shrewd negotiator. His business dealings alone are legendary. He got out of Atlantic City right before the huge crash out there.

HIs book “The Art of The Deal” is a master course in negotiation tactics and widely respected. Our President needs to be a strong negotiator whether it be domestic policy, senate and house dealings or dealing with foreign nations.

With Donald Trump as President, we will have a top notch negotiator in office.

9) His Election May Change Politics Forever

How many times have we said, “Why is always the same type of politician running for President”? We certainly cannot say that this year with Donald Trump running for President.

His fresh take on the economy, foreign policy and his competition is something we’ve not seen. This will open the door for more leaders to have a shot as becoming President instead of the same carbon copies we’ve been getting.

10) The Establishment Doesn’t Want Donald Trump As President

The Republican party has been a mess for years. Even now, they have an opportunity to win the presidency and they are not fully supporting Donald Trump.

The fact that they don’t want him is a great sign. It means the party will be forced to change and it should be for the better – not really able to get worse. A new and improved Republican party is not only good for this year but the future to come.

Let us hear you in the comments, how do you feel about the idea of Donald Trump as president.

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  1. RosslynRose

    Over here in the UK, we have Nigel Farage of the UKIP party. He and Trump is similar in style, they tell it how it is, how it should be and away from all the politics from career politicians with no life experience. Farage could change politics back to where it should be, back to the people, where people have a voice. I’m interested to see where this goes.