Top 15 Comments To The Most Annoying Facebook Posts

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Every so often I like to have a little fun at The Home For Survival to help distract us from the coming financial disaster.  This is one of those times.  So it is time to take on the most annoying Facebook posts.

I’m a relatively new user to Facebook and have done less posting and more reading on it.  However, it’s been quite eye opening to read these annoying Facebook posts and understand human behavior a bit more.  Many of the posts tend to be overwhelming and downright annoying.  So without further ado, here are my Top 15 Comments To The Most Annoying Facebook Posts.

I invite you to share this with other friends/Facebook users as I’m sure they are experiencing the same.  And perhaps we’ll be able to stop some of these annoying Facebook posts.

Most Annoying Facebook Posts

1. We get it.  You’re going to work out, congratulations.  If you have to post about it, you are not going nearly as much as should.

2. Wow, very interesting that you are having chicken for dinner.  Wonderful.

3. One or two pictures of your kid is cute.  40 pictures of your kid doing roughly the same thing is beyond annoying.

4. Trust me, very few people care that you’re sitting in traffic.

5. Giving play-by-play on sporting events is more annoying than telling us you are at one.

6. Please stop taking pictures of your food.  Everyone has steak from time to time.

7. The next person that posts “Mondays suck” is going to get a Trojan horse virus sent.

8. We really don’t care about your opinion on Tom Cruise, Charlie Sheen, or Kim Kardashian.

9. If you have to post that you’re enjoying it and you’re really not enjoying it.

10. Telling us it’s raining where you are is not really useful.  To anyone.

11. Please don’t post song lyrics.  Please.

12. Neither I, nor anyone else, care how many miles you biked or ran today.  Again, see #1.

13. Mooching at your parents’ beach house is not “going to our beach house”.

14. No one cares how long it took you to drive to Florida (insert destination here).

15. When you are about to post something, please follow the below flowchart:
(Note: Feel free to share with your friends. Please reference this site.)

Prevent Future Annoying Facebook Posts

Annoying Facebook Posts

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