Armageddon 2012 – What Will Dec 21st Bring?

Dec 10, 2012 by

We’ve all heard about Armageddon 2012 or the Mayan prediction of the end of days on December, 21st 2012.  We’ll examine the history of the prediction and a few reasons for and against it actually being the true Armageddon 2012.

Armageddon 2012

Disaster from Hurricane Sandy

Armageddon 2012 – Some Background

The belief that the world will end on Dec 21st 2012 is based on the Mayan Long Count calendar “ending” on that date.   A whole host of awful scenarios have been thrown about regarding how Armageddon 2012 will end it all.  Some believe we will see major earth disasters and space changes while others believe we’ll be invaded by other planets.  Others believe the magnetic poles will shift causing huge disasters.  A few believe this is the second coming of Christ while others think it will begin the unraveling of our world.

However, many people believe that the calendar would simply reset similar to the Gregorian calendar we follow like January 1st starting a new year.

Even a few celebrities have weighed in on Armageddon 2012 – from Mel Gibson to Woody Harrelson.

Why It Won’t Happen

One of my favorite reasons it will not happen…science.  Yes, we’ve become a lot more enlightened than in the old days and now know a lot more about our universe.  We would know if there were a rogue star headed for earth or an indication that the poles would flip.  Aside from a complete unknown mystical happening, we are quite safe.  We cannot prepare for something based on total blind faith.

Folks like to take concepts and extrapolate to a ridiculous level and this is no different.  Unfortunately, the danger in this is that people lose their minds and do silly things.  Some are even planning to commit suicide prior to the date to avoid the disaster.   Let’s hope folks do some more research and not just believe the person screaming the loudest.

Be safe out there folks.  Prep for the coming economic collapse because there is actually a good chance that will happen.

How Can I Learn More?

I didn’t want to rehash what others have so thoroughly researched and documented.  So, if you want to read up on Armageddon 2012, check out the links below.

The Greatest Hoax of The 21st Century

December 21

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