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The below is an anonymous post submitted by a reader of the blog.  I thought it was interesting and certainly worth discussion as the writer has a lot of thought-provoking questions about a potential Armageddon 2013.  Enjoy.

We dodged it in 2012 but will we see Armageddon 2013?

The end of the world has always been a very intriguing topic.  The mystery of when how and why would the world end remains to be unraveled.  Only time will tell when and how the world will come into its end.

The year 2012 was a very historical year for those who believed that the end will finally arrive on December 12, 2012. The dread of this day managed to creep in our souls.


Is this really the end?

The Next Prediction

2013 has arrived and the “12-21-12” apocalypse did not come about. What lies ahead this coming 2013? Is this the year where all our times in this planet will be cut to its end?

Armageddon 2013 is believed to be the year of insanity and madness.  Will everything go into chaos?

Is North Korea’s declaration of war against its Southern contemporaries a sign?

Madness in social and economic issues will be unleashed. Peace and prosperity will be compromised. War and famine will happen among nations.

Some feel this is more is predicted to occur this year of the water snake.

How will the US handle Iran and North Korea?

Tactical nuclear weapons are believed to be headed to Iran this year. The reason is because Iran has nuclear weapons, something the US, Russia, China, North Korea and other powerful nations have in common.

So is this an indication that darkness and blood will rain in Armageddon 2013?

Hundreds of Indians died after a building collapsed. Is this intentional or was an accident. Or did this happen because those hundred of Indians were destined to die that day?  Are more deaths coming?

A new bird flu virus emerges in China. Being the most populated country on Earth, is this a new way on how destiny plans to end the lives of those who live in this nation?

Is this the process of natural selection in action? Is Armageddon 2013 really coming?

Here Comes The Boom

Is there another big bang theory coming up this 2013? The Yellowstone National Park in the United States of America is believed to be sitting on top of the largest volcano there is on Earth.

This volcano is believed to have an erupting pattern of 650,000 years and the year 2013 falls on that equation. Historian and scientists believes that this volcano can block the sunlight as well as fill the atmosphere with ash, thus bringing back the Earth to ice age for 15,000 years.

Can we survive this eruption and can we live 15 thousand years freezing? We cannot. Will fire and ice trigger the world’s end?

Will the Earth die in Armageddon 2013?

Scientists have been doing calculations and equations trying to find out how really old our planet is and how long does it have before it finally dies. Many of them are concluding that the Earth is nearing its death. Catastrophic events in nature will happen this year and will lead to the death of the planet and all living things in it.

The Earth’s poles are also calculated and believed to shift every 750,000 years. A polar shift will cause the magnetic field surrounding the Earth to be disrupted and will later on completely disappear and will not come back for a century or so. If the magnetic fields of the Earth disappear, expect to be burned to death by UV rays coming from the sun.

Our planet is 30,000 years overdue in shifting its polar. Is 2013 the year for this shift to happen? Armageddon 2013 is becoming more and more dreadful.

Isaac Newton, one of the most famous and brightest scientist and inventor in history and in his time also had predictions on when the world will end. Newton’s prediction was set in 2060, almost half a century from this year.

Yet studies have shown that this prediction was falsely interpreted by those who have discovered Newton’s prophecy. Newton’s corrected prediction sets Armageddon 2013 into motion.

Religion Armageddon 2013

The year 2012-2015 is believed to be the year where the Antichrist will arrive and will bring chaos to the world.

St. Malachy, an Irish bishop of the 12th century was believed to have the powers to cure illnesses and in declaring prophecies. He envisioned Pope Celestine II as well as Pope Benedict XVI seat in the Vatican. He also predicted that Pope Benedict XVI will resign and the ISON comet will pass on Earth. He envisioned that the next Pope will be the last one because Judgement day will arrive during his reign in the papal seat.  Nostradamus, history’s most popular prophet, supported St. Malachy’s prediction.

According to him, the pope that will replace Pope Benedict XVI will leave his seat in the Vatican in December, when there are two suns in the sky. The comet ISON is assumed to arrive on Earth on December 2013. The comet is so bright it will manage to be seen all over the world and will appear like a second sun.

December 12, 2012 was definitely not doomsday, but is it possible that this prediction was also miscalculated or misinterpreted, just like other prophecies? What if December 21, 2013 is the real end of the world?  What if Armageddon 2013 is truly possible?

There are and will be many prophecies and predictions that will explain how, why and when the earth will reach its end. The predictions will be of many kinds and from different prophets and saints alike, yet the possibility of the world ending is a concrete idea with no concrete time frame.

We can do nothing but wait, and fear on how the world will end, on how our lives will end.

Are we going to die of famine? War? Viruses? Will the sky fall upon us? Will fire envelop the world and will bring hell on Earth? What will be the Armageddon 2013 event?

We are left with no choice but to fear and wait for the unknown to come.

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  1. Suni

    Although, the writer brings up many good points, for those of us that truly believe in Jesus Christ and what the Bible says we shall not fear, for fear is not of GOD. I do think many things in/on this earth are happening that is a proven fact. However, until it is time for Jesus to return we will endure of that much I am certain.

  2. Seeker of lies

    I think this guy is already gone?? Fear is mans greatest fear and has it’s chemical basis in the brain it does not live in the mind until being cultivated there….google it!

    So unless one is enlightened to such degree that death can perhaps be dodged or at least greatly delayed we are all gonna die in body (not spirit) anyway!!

    So enjoy the ride my friends what’s the point in worrying? if you have HEALTH through having access to healthy food, clean water, shelter, conveniences and a great attitude..this is everything that sees all else in abundance) then Live for Today as tomorrow is promised to none. Just be sensibly responsible and the rest is a breeze!! God Bless!!

    • I know what you are saying in terms of not living in fear. Perhaps the post was a bit too gloom and doom but I think it’s good food for thought so you are not caught without a plan. Agree that being sensible is key and love the living for today advice. Thanks for the comment.

    • nero

      seeker of lies, I notice that you signed off ‘God Bless!’. Do you believe that God is reducible to mere physical properties, if not then I assume that you are conceding that a non corporeal being can exist. Be interested to hear your view and I admire your humble appreciation of simple comforts.

  3. Steve

    Hi there People

    This does bring awareness to some degree, although in my opinion peoples concern should rather be directed to the reality of the fight that is for your soul…and that’s why this world is coming to an end. Why would satan fight so so so hard against God ??? He doesn’t wanna burn in Hell alone……

    There is only one true God and savior. Jesus is Lord !

  4. Aline

    As it says in the Bible, no one knows when the end is coming, not even Jesus, only Jehovah knows.


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