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Our Bug Out Bag List

No one likes to think of having to live through a disaster scenario, but things like hurricanes or other calamities can happen with little to no notice. If it happens to you or your family, your bug out bag list better be organized.

bug out bag list

A bug out bag is a bag that you keep packed full of items that you would need to survive an emergency situation for about three days.

Here are the essentials for your bug out bag list:

1. Water

All living things need water to live and without it you aren’t going to survive very long, so it is the most important item on your bug out bag list.

A human being needs at least a liter a day of water to survive, which means your bug out bag list should have three liters of water at a minimum on it.

You should also pack in some water purification pills or a water filter in case you have to search for water or that your normal water supply gets contaminated.

2. Food

This is an obvious bug out bag list item.  However, what type of food to carry is important.

You need to carry a three day supply of food, which needs to be of the imperishable kinds such as freeze dried ready to eat type meals that you can find in a camping supply store.

You merely add boiling water or some can be eaten as is. You can also include easy-to-carry items like jerky, granola bars, tins of sardines, dried fruits, nuts or other small food items.

3. First Aid Kit

A bug out bag also needs at least a small basic first aid kit that contains bandages, antiseptic ointment, pain medication, any needed prescription medications, etc.

You can buy a pre-made first aid kit, but it is also a good idea to add in personal items unique to your own situation. For example, if you are diabetic it would be a good idea to include non-perishable insulin, such as the type in the new insulin pens.

4. Shelter

If you actually have to leave the area, then your bug out bag should include some kind of shelter such as a small tent, sleeping bag, and ground cloth.  There are many companies that make lightweight but durable shelters that take up very little space.

5. Emergency Gear

There are standard bug out bag list items you cannot forget to include like:

  • matches
  • flashlights
  • batteries
  • a small radio

6. Important Documents

You may also want to put things on your bug out bag list like copies of important documents (i.e. passport, birth certificate, ID cards, etc.).

In the event things do return to some sense of normalcy, you will need to be able have proof of your identify.

7. Cash

You will need to keep currency on you and an emergency credit card is also a good idea.

When deciding on cash, be sure to bring small bills and coins as well as the big bills.  Foreign currency is not a bad idea as well depending on where you live.

8. Weapons

Weapons may also be included in the bug out bag such as a knife, gun, or other item. It isn’t fun to think about needing such things, but in an emergency they could save your life.

Many people are not comfortable with guns but some type of weapon is required for any bug out bag.

9. Miscellaneous Items

And you can also include assorted extras such as needles and thread, pins, masks, duct tape, things to keep you entertained like cards or small games, or other small items unique to your own situation.

Remember, start with a simple bug out bag list of essentials and build from there.

Bug out bags can be tailored to each individual, but don’t make the mistake of not having one, as a bug out bag is vital in case of an emergency.

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