Doomsday Preppers – Episode 4 – Top 5 Moments

Feb 23, 2012 by

Here’s the latest review of Doomsday Preppers Episode #4.  It was an interesting episode and quite a few references to the SHTF.  As preppers, you have to like hearing that.  Here are my top 5 moments from the episode.

1. Dachshund on the Dash

Martin Colvill is a retired police officer and an open road trucker.  He is a “mobile prepper” which means that he and his wife Sarah live out of their 53 sq ft sleeper cab.  They plan to ride out TEOTWAWKI in their truck by staying on the move.  Martin and Sarah are prepping for an economic collapse where oil prices spike and send the world into chaos.

There is a scene a few minutes in where Martin’s dog is shown riding on the dashboard as he drives his 18 wheeler down the road.  Not as bad as Mitt Romney’s dog on the roof but good thing this was not on Animal Planet.

Later in the episode as they are prepping for simulating protecting themselves with guns, Sarah removes the dog from the dashboard before pointing her guns out of the cab.  Classic.

2. Tight Quarters

As mentioned above, they live out of their sleeper cab which is a whopping 53 square feet.  The home was foreclosed on and they took to the open road.  Sarah seems like a good sport about the whole thing.  The next time your spouse complains that they need more space, remember this one.

3.  Do NOT Be Late For Dinner

The 2nd featured prepper is Donna Nash of Utah who believes we’ll see a pandemic in our lifetime and ready to clean her way to survival.  Now Donna comes off a bit extreme but you have to admire her willingness to test her plans.  She chooses a family dinner to run a simulation of getting everyone ready to prepare for surviving a pandemic.  However, the best moment is when a relative and her small child show up late for dinner.

Now everyone has already donned the protective coverings (basically hazmat suits).  Donna doesn’t allow her to enter until they quarantine a room for her and the child to stay.  They put up plastic sheeting to separate the rooms.  They then proceed to eat their family dinner as the relative and child sit behind the plastic sheeting watching.  It’s pure comedy.  The show needs to do a better job of interviewing the relatives one on one to get their true feelings.  I know that is not the purpose of the show, but would sure be funny.

4.  Why Not Enjoy Yourself?

During the episode they show Donna going door to door offering pandemic proofing supplies to neighbors.  The first set of neighbors happens to be two 70-80 somethings who seem geniunely interested in what Donna is saying.  The comical thing is they consider purchasing or taking Donna up on her offer.  Why is this comical?  You have to believe most 70-80 year olds are not too concerned about a pandemic having lived the majority of their life already.  Not sure THAT would be my first priority.

5.  So, Tennessee Is The Answer?

Our last prepper is Kevin O’Brien of Jacksonville, FL who thinks a massive pole shift will cause natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.  Kevin decided to pick up his family and move to the mountains of Tennessee to prepare for this event.  Why Tennessee?  Well apparently Kevin has done a lot of research and this seems to be the best place to ride out an unpredictable and likely chaotic pole shift.

Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of evidence pointing to our earth’s surface being quite stable with no signs of changing.  So, while a pole shift may eventually happen, it doesn’t look like it will happen any time soon.  Kind of a big move to pick up your family and move to strange place.  Kevin’s family is much more understanding than mine.  ; )

Another good episode of Doomsday Preppers.  Let’s hope none of these folks are declared “mentally defective” in the coming weeks.

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  1. Jeanne

    Who are these supposed experts they are using in the episodes?

    • Jeanne – that’s a good question. I’m assuming they’ve recruited some wilderness enthusiasts and former military.

  2. Mike

    I was wondering if I could buy some of your pamdemic kits from you for my family?


    • Mike – I don’t have any of these but I will research the best types and send you an email offline on a recommendation.


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