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Great episode this week from Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic Channel.  I think the stories in this episode, especially the first one, will really resonate with the interested preppers (as opposed to the hardcore ones).  Suburban dad Mike Mester of Georgia came off like a rational, well prepared dad looking out for his family.  That is something we haven’t seen to date on the show.   In fact, my wife said that he came off so well spoken and logical about his prepping.  It really hit home with her.

Here are my top 5 moments of Tuesday night’s episode.

1) “You Don’t Learn To Dance Five Minutes Before The Prom”

This phrase has become the prepping mantra for the Mester family.  Mike and his family live outside of Atlanta and prepping for a global economic collapse that will lead to civil unrest.  Mike is well prepared in his suburban home with 3 years of food supplies, two German Shepherds and several arms to protect his family.

That line stands out as something I think we’ve all thought about as we prepare our families for the SHTF.  By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

2) Recruit Your Neighbors

One important concept that the Mesters explored was building a community in their suburban neighborhood.   They have reached out to their neighbors on how they are prepping and have generated interest from them.  I think this is a huge concept that many suburban families will need to cover.

In suburbia you have little security and a lot more open access than you would in the city or even in a well protected rural spot.  Therefore, having allies that can assist with preparing, guarding and monitoring can be a huge asset.  When looters come, they will be less likely to take on a group than a single family.

It’s a hard thing to do but I’d encourage you to put yourself out there and inform your neighbors.  You’d be surprised as many will hear you out.

Remember, as Mike said in the show, “It is your personal responsibility”

3) “I’ll give them some seeds and I’ll give them a shovel”

The next prepper featured was Preston White, a web developer from Colorado who believes that the nuclear meltdown in Japan is sending a radioactive cloud to the US.  He feels that most of the west coast should be evacuated.

To prepare for this disaster, Preston is storing seeds of all types so he can grow his own food.  He even has portable shelters for keeping the rain (which will be radioactive) and other elements out.  Preston has gathered 11,000 different types of seeds.  He’s stockpiled heirloom seeds which grows food that generates new generations of that plant.

However, we loved Preston’s line when asked if he would help others with them.  He said “I’ll give them some seeds and I’ll give them a shovel”.  You have to admire Preston’s attitude toward the rest of mankind.

4) – Wouldn’t You Like To Be A “Prepper” Too

I absolutely LOVED the Doomsday Prepper commercial set to the old soda commercial – “I’m a prepper, he’s a prepper, she’s a prepper, wouldn’t you like to be a prepper too?”  I wasn’t able to find a link to the commercial but I’m sure someone will post one soon.  Clever.

***Update: We’ve found the link to the “I’m a prepper” commercial.  Hat Tip To Chris at Survival & Prosperity. ***

5) Now THAT Is Testing Your SHTF Plan

Last up was Riley Cook, a welder from Colorado who believes we’ll soon see a polar shift causing massive storms, earthquakes, and volcano eruptions.  One of the more unique preppers as Riley has created an underground bunker made out of steel (which he sells).  However, he chose his bug out location in the mountains based on the theory that he’ll have to get to a higher elevation after the pole shift.  The problem is the roads will likely be tough going when he has to get there.

So, Riley has a plan.  He’s created an aluminum handcart that will allow him to tow up to 1,200 pounds.  Problem is he’ll have to the be the one towing it.  To practice this, Riley has done a test run where he towed 1,200 pounds for 20 miles.  Yes, you heard that right….20 miles!  Now THAT is committing to practicing your SHTF plan.

Doomsday Preppers air each Tuesday night at 9:00pm ET on National Geographic Channel.

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  1. Laura Anthony

    I’ve also been looking for a link to the “I’m a prepper” commercial. Best part of the show!

  2. Nicole Mester

    I’m glad and my dad (Mike) are glad to see that the family didn’t come off as crazy as our initial fear was. He’s not trying to get any fame but actually get people to realize the necessity of prepping.

    • Nicole – thanks for the comment. Your family came off very well on the show and we were really impressed with how logical everyone was. We really enjoyed the episode and wish you and your family the very best.

      • Surver Mike, I am a Security expert and a Firearms Expert.
        On he Show Preppers if you are the one that had a 9mm handgun, I would suggest you use a 40 Cal or larger for protection, I carry a 45ACP 1911 handgun and I know for sure one shot one kill with this weapon plus for many years including ww2 the us military issued this weapon to all officers and others not issued a rifle which was a Grand 30-06 Caliber during WW2. As for a shotgun a Remington 870 Pump weapon has been proven for accuracy and reliability by many police forces in the us. Use 00 buckshot and extend he magazine to hold as much ammunition as possible mine has 9 rounds and again one shot one kill is preferred. I am an NRA instructor for all firearms course’s and a Concealed Carry instructor in the state just below where you live. I am also trained in hand to hand with and without a weapon such as a knife and any other handy object. I am a master shooter in IPSIC and Defensive Pistol org. I have several licenses for communications equipment and have even built two commercial TV stations in my life while being a Contract Chief Engineer for up to 12 am/fm radio stations. I have handled all types of firearms starting at 7 years old. If you want to contact me for more defense info use the e-mil above and then we will set up a phone conversation if you would like to get together.
        would like.

  3. John Williams

    David Sarti from Lebanon Tennessee was the best doomsday Prepper simply because he was prepping to help others and rebuild his community. One of the few that was not only thinking of themselves.


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