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Last night was the season finale of Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic Channel.  This was an interesting episode as the stories were a bit more extreme than the more practical ones last week (at least the Mesters).  I believe National Geographic plans a second season as they are looking for new featured preppers.  Let’s hope they do as they show is a hit in the prepper community.

Here are the top 5 moments from last nights’ season finale.

1) Renewable Food Source – With Names?

The first prepper featured was Doug Huffman of California who believes the world will suffer an economic collapse.  Doug is former military and is pretty hardcore about his prepping.  He has various stores of food and supplies in and around his home.  He even has a root cellar – a structure built underground (or partially underground) to store fruits/vegetables/other items.  In addition to his storage of food and water, he has figured out a clever way of having meat when the SHTF.

Doug has rabbits that he believes will provide him meat as they reproduce so rapidly – within 30 days.  In addition, their litter is usually between 4 and 12 babies.  This makes for a nice little unending supply of meat, assuming you keep them healthy.  In fact, Doug has named some of his rabbits already.  The names?  Stir Fry, Crock Pot, Cajun.  That sense of humor should keep Doug sane when things get tough.  Seriously, this a very sharp way of keeping a steady stream of meat to eat. 

2) Gotta Stay Clean

Doug makes a great point about hygiene when things get hairy.  Without clean water and soap, disease and sickness will become a real problem.  Keeping your family clean and healthy is obviously top priority in a SHTF scenario.  We like to think about food and weapons when prepping but we also need to view hygiene products important as well.   First aid kits should include bandages, gloves, and hydrogen peroxide for preventing infection of cuts and scrapes.  Hand sanitizer will come in handy as well.  It doesn’t do you much good to have a 2 year supply of food if you are not around to eat it. 

 3) “Maybe It Was Easier When We Didn’t Know”

The second feature was on Diane and Greg Rogers, an Alberta couple prepping for ALL types of disaster.  Diane has had recurring dreams of running from disasters that have lead her and her husband to begin prepping.  The Rogers’ seem to live in a townhouse and plan on “bugging in” instead of “bugging out”.  Their basement is their safe haven with all kinds of preps.  In fact, for a recent birthday Diane received a drum holding 500 gallons of water.  Isn’t that sweet?

However, Greg has been busy as well as he has been hard at work gaining skills that will help him when we see TEOTWAWKI.  He’s learning to pick locks, steal cars and make gunpowder.  He seems like a tireless researcher and has reintroduced a neat little contraption that acts as a gas mask.  Back in World War I, British and French troops were forced to figure out a better way to protect themselves from gas attacks from the Germans. 

Greg’s version is simply filling one mask with charcoal then layering a second mask inside that one and taping them together.  Clever way to make a mask that keeps out harmful chemicals.  Greg indicated that he’s researched other ideas on the web and is working on them. 

However, the line of the night may have come from Diane.  When asked why she was prepping so said, “We know so much more now.  Maybe it was easier when we didn’t know”.  With prevalance of instant information (Twitter, mobile web, Facebook, etc), we have access to more information/knowledge faster than ever.  That is good and bad.  As Diane said, some would like it if they didn’t know.

4) Now THAT is a Bug Out Location!

The last preppers featured were Ed and Diana Peden of Kansas.  They too are planning for an economic collapse and have a unique place to ride it out.  Ed and Diana live in a decommissioned US missile site that Ed purchased back in the 80’s for $40,000.  The site is reinforced well enough to withstand a nuclear blast.  They’ve retrofitted the large space (20,000 sq ft)  to have all the comforts of home.  Diana is adjusting to living underground but helping to cope with the stress….nude hot tubbing.  That’s right, they have a hot tub that they partake in the nude that helps them relax. 

Ed and Diana remind one of throwback, peace-loving hippies from the 60’s but Ed is ready to defend his home and wife.  He’s set up security cameras all around the property and has weapons to defend his castle.  He’s also enlisted some locals to ride out the end of the world with him. 

Battling Diane Rogers for “line of the night”, Ed was asked about surviving with a peace-first mindset.  He responded, “Love is the only engine for survival”.  We can all agree that we’d love to trade bunkers with him.

5) Rally The Troops

A common theme in all 3 stories was the plan for each to have a community of preppers live/survive with them.  Doug had his band of Junior Rangers – young folks that Doug has trained to fight and survive.  Diane and Greg have tried to reach out to the neighbors of their townhome community to help ride out a disaster. Ed and Diana have their group of spiritual folks ready and willing to help for the chance to get into that bunker.

I highlighted this recently in a post as I’ve been trying to recruit my neighbors for when things get tough.  There is a safety in numbers and certainly more hands to prepare.  Take a read when you have a chance.

All in all, I loved the show.  It resonated with a few friends that were skeptical and I enjoyed the personalities of the featured preppers.  There are certainly more hardcore preppers out there and I think we’ll see many in Season 2.

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  1. Biron Tekow

    That actually wasn’t the season finale. Last night was a repeat but next week the 27th is a whole new episode. I saw a trailer for it somewhere it looks crazy. Some guy built a massive underground shelter out of school buses. It looks AMAZING!

    BTW though the rabbits were amazing. I have a dog who I’m considering renaming lo mein. haha


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