Doomsday Preppers Tonight – Live Voting

Nov 4, 2012 by

Doomsday Preppers Alert!!!

Folks – tonight begins the newest season of Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic Channel.  If you are a prepper or just interested in prepping, this is the show to watch.

As a special treat, the Home For Survival will be blogging live where you can vote on each featured prepper.  You will decide if they are true wackos or hardcore survivalists.

Join us tonight at 10pm EST.  Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter at @TheSurvivorMike and give a follow to the show at @DoomsdayPrepper.


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  1. Suni

    Would have been nice to have gotten this notice yesterday so I could have watched it. Didn’t recieve the email in my inbox until this morning (Monday 11/05/12)

    • Sorry about that – I was planning to notify folks earlier but we were hit with hurricane Sandy and had no power until Saturday. Still getting organized.

      • Suni

        I truly apologize for sounding off without knowing the facts. Forgive me please. I pray for all who were effected by hurricane Sandy and please excuse me while I take my foot out of my mouth.
        God Bless and watch over all of you.

        • No need to apologize. I was not nearly as impacted as others in Hurricane Sandy. To be honest, the Preppers preview kind of snuck up on me too. The real first episode starts Nov 13 at 9pm ET.