Below are some handy SHTF Tips / Top 10 Lists for surviving disasters when the SHTF.


Top 10 Financial Moves To Prepare For Disaster
Top 10 SHTF Tips To Defend Your Family and Your Home

Top 10 Financial Moves To Prepare For Disaster

1. Cash is King

Now is a great time to put aside some emergency cash in your home.  You won’t be earning interest on it but it will be accessible in a true emergency.  Ideally you’d like to keep it in a fireproof safe.  In terms of how much, consider 1 month worth of living expenses (more if you have the means).  Remember, in a world without electronics (EMP, Cyber attack), debit and credit cards are just plastic.

2. Multiple Banks – Diversify

With economic instability all around us, banks failing is not uncommon.  Now, in the US the government insures all accounts up to $100,000.  However, that could quickly go by the wayside if the crisis gets worse.  Hedge your bets and have money in multiple banks to diversity your risk.  In fact, in the case of a run on the banks, you’ll be get more via the ATM ($600 max per day per account) with multiple banks.

3. Multiple Credit Cards

The same theory holds for credit cards.  When the SHTF (sh*t hits the fan), folks  will be trying to get ahold of as much cash as possible.  Having multiple cards gives you the ability to have multiple ways to buy necessities or get access to cash.  Just don’t
overextend yourself to set up these cards (keep low credit limits).

4. Checks, Stock Cert, etc. 

In a worst case scenario, checks or other variations of IOUs will not hold much weight.  Don’t rely on these methods as cash.  Banks may stop cashing checks, honoring money orders, etc.  One of the themes of these SHTF tips is to keep your assets as liquid as possible.

5. Gold / Silver as Reserve

What will hold its’ value is gold and silver.  Follow the SHTF tips they did back in old days.  In the 1930’s during the Great Depression in the US, gold and silver coins were in high demand as people knew they had value.  The dollar bill was risky as it could be worth less over time with rising inflation.  Have some gold/silver to purchase your staples if necessary.  For buying silver, an excellent resource that shows you step by step instructions is

6. Coins vs. Bills

When people store cash they get $20s and $100s and sock them away.  Remember, when the SHTF making change may not be as easy as it is now.  Have small bills and more importantly, coins on hand to be able to pay the exact amount.  When things go south, you’re not going to be so eager to say “Keep the change”.

7. Foreign Currency

Having cash in multiple currencies can be helpful depending on your plan after the SHTF.  If you plan to leave the country, besides bringing your SHTF Tips, you’ll want to have the currencies of the country or countries in which you plan to move.  In addition, if you don’t believe your home countries’ currency will hold its’ value, it can advantageous to buy some foreign currencies now and take advantage of the exchange rate later.

8. Investing Options

Similar to having multiple banks, it would be wise to have additional investing options.  One of the best SHTF tips is to try to keep your money in brokerages or investment houses that offer a debit card or some other quick way to get cash.  Ones that offer the option to instantly transfer cash to your local bank can provide you a bit more security.  Make sure it is a place you can trust.

9. Family and Friends Are Coming

Remember, YOU may be prepared financially but many have not followed SHTF tips and will not have planned accordingly, include friends and family.  So, when setting aside cash, be sure to include contingencies along the way.  A mother-in-law with no one to care for her needs to be with you.  Also, be telling them to plan as you are along the way.

10. Quick Cash

Remember, disaster does not announce itself.  In some cases you may need to leave your home rather quickly and fumbling around looking for your cash is not ideal.   Keep a stash in your bug-out-bag.

Top 10 SHTF Tips To Defend Your Family and Your Home

1. Arm Yourself

When the SHTF (sh*t hits the fan), people will become desperate  bold and unpredictable.  Being able to defend your family and home should include more than a baseball bat under your bed.  Owning a handgun will give you the peace of mind that you can protect your family as well as the capability to do it.  However, it is very important that you take a proper safety course to be able to handle it safely.

2. Your Home Is Your Castle

Your home is where your stuff is, so that is where criminals will try to invade.  If you are prepared to defend it, you will deter them.  Gates,  security systems, guard dogs, security cameras and even signs can go a long way in helping the criminal decide that this house is not worth it.  Even if you can’t afford a monitored alarm system, buy one that makes a loud noise.  A spooked criminal will run immediately.

3. Stay in Shape

Being agile and fit is one of biggest advantages you can give yourself in an uncertain, chaotic world.  You never know when you’ll have to walk 12 miles to store or a friend’s place.  In addition, your days will become more and more about helping your

4. Learn Hand to Hand Combat

One of my favorite SHTF tips is learning some type of hand to hand combat will definitely come in hand as social unrest peaks.  It can be something simple like karate or boxing or something unique like Brazilian Ju Jitsu.  Either way, having a way to defend yourself and possibly your family will give you tremendous piece of mind.

5. Don’t Open The Door

The days of answering the door to a stranger are long gone.  There are too many stories out there of people having their door pushed in and being restrained while the criminal robs their home.  Use a peephole or window to see who is at your door.  If you don’t know them, ask them what they need through the door rather than giving them an opening.  Also, carry your weapon with you if you plan to open the door.  Won’t do you much good to have a gun upstairs in your safe if the criminal barges in when you open the door.

6. Prepare Your Family

Prepare your family for what they’ll need to do in the event of a home invasion.  Getting your kids to a safe area will be your primary focus so practice what you want them to do.  This is one of the most important SHTF tips you can follow.  The plan should include having them heading to one central location in the house with their focus on calling for help (ie. phones, cell phones).

7. Don’t Trust Anyone

When the SHTF, your neighbors are people that happen to have bought the home next to you.   Remember, they are nothing more than that.  You don’t know their families’ history, the circles they run in and the company they keep.  You could be a target through their relationship with you.  Don’t make it easy for criminals to touch your inner circle.  Never give your neighbor a spare key.

8. Don’t Be The Target

Consider if you were the criminal.  Would you want to rob the house with the Lexus and Infiniti out front or the Dodge and the Toyota?  A lavishly decorated/maintained house will be a target no matter how you slice.  Don’t be the nicest house on the block.

9. Do A Dry Run

If you are unsure if your home is well protected, do a trial run as a burglar.  Trying to rob your own house will help you find the holes in your defenses and give you the chance to tighten them up.  It also helps to practice your safety plan with your family.

10. A Guard Dog Can Be Very Valuable

A big dog at home that barks when strangers approach is your best bet.  However, even small, yippy dogs can do the job as criminals do not want attention drawn to themselves.  If you can train the dog to attack would-be burglars, all the better.

Follow these SHTF tips to help keep your home safe for when times get tense.