4 Home Improvement Projects to Improve Your Door Security

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Many homeowners don’t realize it, but your front or back doors are the easiest ways for burglars to break into your home. Often, they steer clear of windows and go right for the doors offering the “I belong here” look to neighbors. To protect your doors from intruders, try these some of these DIY door security projects.

Install Better Door Locks

Door Security

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Check your front and back door as well as any patio or sliding glass doors—even the door to your garage. If you feel like the locks are easy to break in to, they probably are. Head over to any home improvement store and seek expert advice on which locking devices are best based on the type of door.

Deadbolt locks will work on front, back and garage doors but you may need a different type of lock for sliding glass doors. Some devices may run along the bottom of the door where others utilize small strips and screws to keep the doors secure.

Get an Alarm System

You can purchase do it yourself alarm systems that use motion sensors for doors and scare away the unwanted when alarms sound. These systems are easy to install and come with instructions everyone in the family will be able to understand.

A DIY home alarm system is also great to keep teens and people who are home alone safe by keeping the door sensors activated at all times. Make sure to choose a security system that offers a build-a-feature selection where you can add the most desired elements, including monitoring services.

Put a Peep Hole in the Door

There are many videos and handyman websites that offer step-by-step instructions on how to install a peep hole in your door. Something as simple as viewing who is outside before you open the door can prevent a home intrusion.

Standard peep holes can be found in any home improvement or hardware stores and can be installed into all types of doors—wood or metal. Once you have the peep hole installed, be sure to use it and instruct youngsters, house sitters and babysitters of its importance.

Replace Hollow Doors

Door Security

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Although most homes these days are built to certain codes and standards—one being doors to attached garages must be fireproof—hollow metal and wood doors do slip through the cracks, especially back doors.

The television series This Old House provides very helpful tips and instructions on how to replace doors. The directions say it’s as simple as using the old door as a template to find the right size, replace hinges and install a lock mechanism and then put in a new door jamb to hold the new door.

Many security experts also warn if you have glass panels on front or back doors you might want to place iron grates in front or behind them so if glass is broken by a burglar, they still won’t be able to get in.

There are many ways to make the doors in your home secure and these are just a few ideas. For the do-it-yourself-er, with tips from home improvement store experts, the right materials, instructions and tools you can make your entryways stronger—just one more way to discourage the unwanted intruder.

We thank Ava for this article on home security.  Ava is a travel, tech and DIY writer that resides in Tampa, FL. When she isn’t writing she is playing guitar, running and spending time with the people she loves. 

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