What Are THEY Gearing Up For?

Mar 4, 2013 by

New information on the Department of Homeland Security gearing up for something here at home.  It was reported by ModernSurvivalblog.com that the DHS recently modified over 2700 “Mine Resistant Protected” vehicles for use here in the United States.

Why Now?

These vehicles are definitely not intended for military use abroad any longer.  They have outfitted these vehicles with “Police / Rescue” on the side to soften the image these monster vehicles convey.  Make no mistake, these vehicles possess some serious firepower.  The gun ports on these MRAPs can do sufficient damage.

And why the need for mine resistant vehicles in the United States?  One can only guess.

Is DHS simply moving assets since they are no longer needed in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Could be.  However, the government is usually not about cost conscious decisions.  ; )

However, this is in addition to the recent bulk purchase of ammunition for DHS – again supposedly for use here at home.

Personal Story:
I recently went through Dick’s Sporting Goods and found signs limiting how much ammo could be purchased due to the shortage.  In fact, there were empty shelves there.

Do we have a government truly gearing up for problems at home.  Why?  Especially when all the talking heads are saying things are in “recovery” mode.

One guess.  We all know the stock market rally has us all scratching our head.  If a crash occurred now, that could push many people over the edge resulting in some serious chaos here in the states.

Remember, a stock market crash would be an entire country impacting event.  Much more than the National Guard could handle.  Is this reinforcements?

Fiscally Responsible?

Maybe we should all take this as a good sign of:

a)    Our government being more fiscally responsible and reusing assets efficiently and

b)    The need for these vehicles being lessened as we have no plans to further things in the Middle East. 

Anyone buying that?

More likely.  The MRAPs were not very effective in the field and they ordered something more advanced (and certainly more expensive).

Remember, these vehicles were retrofitted for use here.  It wasn’t free to make them usable here.

“The installation contract retrofits 2,717 vintage MaxxPro vehicles (work performed in West Point, Mississippi) with a new rolling chassis. This chassis enhancement included the addition of the DXM™ independent suspension, a MaxxForce® 9.3 engine, and a 570 amp alternator and driveline. The work was completed at the end of May 2012.”
– via ModernSurvivalblog.com

I would be very curious to see if, in the coming weeks, we see some of these vehicles in action in the US.

What do you think?


  1. There are a lot of people who believe what you are saying here. In fact this exact thought is with more people than even I realized. People who normally would not be concerned with low stocks of ammunition are wondering why the government suddenly bought such large amounts right after the Sandy Hook tragedy. It is odd that they did this and that it coincided with an ammunition shortage at most retailers across the United States. I work for one of the largest retailers and we are getting little if any ammunition in these days.

    Also what does the Department of Homeland Security need with so many armored vehicles here in the United States. It does beg many questions to be answered.

  2. I will bet soon we will see the use of dhs ammo being used
    And the big armour proof trucks rolling up to our doors to get what
    We own