Greeks Planning For SHTF Survival

Jun 13, 2012 by

Time left to build a SHTF survival plan

How much time is left?

Today it was reported that Greek citizens are feverishly withdrawing money from the banks a day ahead of a very unpredictable election.  The situation is getting very tense in Greece.

Bankers said the pace was picking up ahead of the vote, with combined daily deposit outflows from the major banks at 500-800 million euros ($625 million to $1 billion) over the past few days, and 10-30 million euros ($12-36 million) at smaller banks.

“This includes cash withdrawals, wire transfers and investments into money market funds, German Bonds, U.S. Treasuries and EIB bonds,” said one banker, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Retailers said consumers were stocking up on non-perishable food while almost all other goods were seeing a huge drop in sales as cash-strapped Greeks have no money to spare in the country’s fifth year of recession.

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Again, we see a dry run of what could come here in the US.  People running on the banks, scrambling to stock on food and supplies and eventually rioting in the streets.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming days in Greece.  Please keep a close eye on and use these events to help build your own SHTF survival plan.

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  1. Greg

    This IS my shtf scenario… Money’s worth nothing. Everybody’s panicking. No one bothers to go to work, if they’re not getting paid. There’ll be NO COPS! You’re on your own!

    I hope it happens. I hope it doesn’t happen. I love living the life that mankind has finally accomplished. I’m not a geek or a computer expert, but I like the heat, A/C, cell phone, our cars, & the good eats (@ least 2 a day) & the roof over my head.

    If the shtf fast, we lose all of the above mentioned 🙁 We deserve it tho. If we let the financial choke hold kill our country, then times will be like 1800’s for a LONG TIME!

    I hope it happens (we deserve it). I hope it doesn’t happen (I sure like it here)….

    • I agree that we deserve the pain as well and that we won’t like it. The sad part is the children of this generation will have grown up with quite a bit and their future will be significantly different (in a worse way). That is certainly not fair but their parents and grandparents allowed this to happen. That weighs heavy on my head.

      Most people understand what it is like to grow up with little. They progress in their lives and things get better (for the most part). These kids will experience the exact opposite. Depression will be rampant for many people.

      Let’s hope the decline doesn’t shock the system too badly.

  2. Sierra Dave

    I too will miss all the creature comforts. I sleep with a fan blowing on me at night. I hate to think of sleeping with no air flow.

    But I look at it this way. All the corruption and BS and the welfare society will be gone. I AM in a position to survive a year when 90% might die off. I see it as an opportunity to get it right.

    If you make it past the chaos. There will be resources everywhere and NO welfare society living off those who work. AND!!! 100% of your labor will be going to YOU!!! Not 50% or so with all the hidden taxes.

    If’n you don’t provide a good or service. Tough chit. Hit the road jack. No more entitlement crowd.

    There is a Silver lining.

    • Dave – Think you are right on it being the opportunity to get it right. I think the chaos will be a challenge for even those that work hard but didn’t prepare. Those are the folks I feel for. 5 years ago I really didn’t know about prepping or was with it enough to see the coming freight train. I am very thankful that I happened upon prepping and feel like I’m in a much better position to provide for my family.


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