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We are pleased and thankful for an interesting guest post on home security from Marry JoJo, a contributing author for Bellevue Locksmith. Take a look.

15 Home Security Tips From An Expert Locksmith

A forced entry situation is quite scary and everyone wants to avoid it one way or another. People think that every burglar who invades their the home is a professional.  While many times it is not the case, and they are simply amateur burglars. You may not completely stop the entry of professional burglar but what you can do is to follow some tips that will increase your home security and decrease the chances of a burglary by all kinds of burglars.

I’m an expert locksmith and I have enough knowledge in dealing with burglars as I’ve had many clients who have gone through break-in situations. Based on my experience and knowledge, I am able to highlight 15 tips that will surely retard an entry of intruders into your home and improve your overall home security.

1. Lock your door and windows properly. Many times you forget to lock the door and this situation works as a golden opportunity for the intruder.

2. Replace the locks whenever you’ve moved to a new home. By doing this, you would be able to stop the access of previous home owners and their relatives toward your home.

3. An investment in a home security system will reap many benefits. A wide variety of security alarms and access control systems are available in the market. Get one that you can afford and call a locksmith for the proper installation.

4. Install motion sensor lights on the pathway. Lights will turn on when there is some motion around them and usually spooks would-be intruders.

5. Keep the curtain closed especially at night. Open curtains will make it possible for the intruders to peer in and to check the worth of your valuables.

6. Try to conceal wiring of your home security system. Normally, a burglar first cuts the connection of your system just to make sure that no action can be taken against him.

7. Pay attention to faulty alarms. I often observed that people ignore the frequent problems with security alarms and this ignorance proves harmful for the home owner. It is better to fix your faulty alarm immediately by contacting with service center department of your home security alarm company.

8. Don’t install a spring latch lock on the main door since this lock can easily be unlocked by the burglars with the mean of loiding. Actually loiding is a procedure in which an intruder inserts the plastic card against the latch just to depress it. This action unlocks the lock.

9. A deadbolt seems to be a perfect main door lock since it is difficult to be picked by force, drilling, and other efforts.

10. Never keep spare key under door mat or in a mail box.  It is advisable to wrap it into a plastic shopping bag and bury it in a garden near the home so that you can access it whenever you want.

11. If you have lost the keys, immediately contact a locksmith who will come and replace the lock.  There is no need to wait for a burglar who might steal your keys.

12. If you leave the home for vacation, then you turn on radio and some lights. These things will give a sign to a burglar that someone is at home. Otherwise, a dark and silent home will warmly welcome an intruder.

13. There will be times that that you have to give the spare keys of your home to professional cleaners. I advise you to properly check the background of them before giving them your home key.

14. Try to decorate your home entrance with lights and never keep it dark.  An intruder doesn’t like to be noticed.

15. Don’t leave notes for your family members as these will give a green light to intruders.

I’m sure that you can protect your home in the best manner after employing these safety precautions.  Home security is something you should not take lightly in these trying times.

Author Bio:

Marry Jojo is a freelance content writer and blogger. She loves to share useful information with her readers. She is also a contributing author of Bellevue locksmith website.

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  1. Security of homes become vital issue in these days. People don’t have any idea about how to keep safe their home from thieves and burglars. But by following above steps they will be able to keep safe their homes from any loss done by burglars.