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Home surveillance is a huge concern of mine as I’m looking towards having a home surveillance system installed. This week we have a guest post on how to pick the right one for your family. ¬†Enjoy.

Picking the Right Home Surveillance Systems

Choosing the correct home security system can be a very stressful task since there are so many that you can choose from. Many people don’t know the first thing about which home security system is best for their home. Having valuable information will help them to make better decisions when choose a security system.

How Many Cameras Do You Need?

Having the correct number of cameras for your home will be an important detail. The number that you need will depend on the area that you want to have under surveillance. It’s a good rule to have at least four cameras to monitor your premises. This will allow you to cover all of the main entry ways to your home as well as other places of entry that an intruder may try to use, such as crawlspaces or even rooftops.

Indoor Cameras or Outdoor Cameras?

With changes in technology, you’ll no longer have to purchase cameras for indoors and separate cameras for the outdoors. You will find that there are cameras that will work well in either location. You will also find that you can purchase cameras for your outdoor areas that are disguised as other objects such as bird feeders, planters or even electrical boxes. You may choose to have hidden cameras on your property that will provide the element of surprise for intruders, or you may prefer to have the benefit of letting a visible camera serve as a scare tactic for intruders.

Types of Cameras to Choose From

There are four different types of cameras that you can choose from to serve as your protection devices.

* Box Camera – this is a camera that will take care of your surveillance needs. You will find it to be affordable so that it is easy on your budget. You can also change the lenses on it so that you have the right viewing angle.

* Dome Camera – this camera comes in a variety of sizes and is less noticeable than a box camera. You can hang it anywhere easily and it also has interchangeable lenses.

* Bullet Camera – this camera may best suit your needs; it too comes in a variety of sizes and is easy to hang. It offers the ability to zoom in and zoom out, which may benefit you more than the other cameras.

* PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) – this camera offers motion, it can swivel as well as move up and down, giving you a full view of your monitored area. It also operates with remote control making it well liked.

Lighting Is A Factor

How well your premises are lit can be a determining factor in the type of camera that you need. If your area has poor lighting, then you may want to check out the infra-red cameras that are available. The IR cameras can record images no matter how dark the area is.

Make sure that you have the best home surveillance system that you can so that your home is always protected whether you are at home or not.

Adam Vaught is a home security consultant. He enjoys passing on his expertise to homeowners by blogging. Check out homeowners insurance rates online with the biggest home insurance agency in the US, HomeInsurance.com.

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