Hurricane Sandy – Was This The October Surprise?

Nov 7, 2012 by

Election Edition

Well, the election was certainly anti-climatic as President Obama won handily despite the media’s efforts to drag out what was obvious.  Romney really didn’t have much of a chance despite the fact that he had a lead while the California polls were still open.  Everyone seemed to ignore the 55 electoral votes that President Obama was just about guaranteed.  In addition, they left out that many of the precincts left to report historically voted democratic.  It was the closest landslide I’ve ever seen.

Hurricane Sandy “October Surprise”?

A few weeks back we talked about the potential of an October Surprise being released by one or both of the campaigns to give their ticket that last minute push over the top.  It’s happened before – most recently when on October 31st 2008 it was released that then candidate Obama’s half-aunt was living as an illegal immigrant in Boston.  So, it’s definitely not a new concept.

The only question was would both sides have one in store for the other?  You could argue that the Benghazi stories was Romney’s attempt.  Is it possible that Hurricane Sandy was the Democrat’s October surprise?  Stay with me here.

We’ve heard from several outlets that the President’s handling of Sandy helped him in the polls – a study from the Pew Research center.  In fact, last night Chris Mathews of MSNBC said live “I’m so glad we had that storm last week…” as he believed it helped the Obama campaign gain support.  There is no doubt that the President did handle the situation very well (so well that Republican NJ Governor Chris Christie publicly praised him).

Pieces of the Puzzle?

So, combine this concept with the theory that HAARP and chem-trails can modify weather patterns.  Is it possible that the government enhanced or even created Hurricane Sandy?  Would they prepare an organized response in advance in order to help their candidate get re-elected?

Hurricane Sandy October Surprise

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Now, chem-trails and HAARP modifying the weather are certainly not yet proven out there, but many folks are convinced there is a connection.

If there is a connection, this would take the cake for October Surprises.  Especially since the media would (and did) draw immediate parallels to when Bush was President and handled (or botched)  Hurricane Katrina.

What Do You Think?

As an American, I certainly hope our own government would not risk the lives of so many to help get someone elected.  What do you think?  Do you think it’s possible that this was orchestrated?  Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. loriann12

    I worked with sound in the Navy 25 years ago. I would love to get some details on HAARP. They claim it just sends sound waves up or something to that effect. I saw one report that said it could control weather/earthquakes, but it had an unintended concequense in a different part, sort of a convergence zone concept… I haven’t heard much buzz on the internet lately about HAARP, makes me wonder even more.

    • Agreed that I have it on my list to read up on bit more. Seems if the military is involved, it would likely have some ability to modify the weather. Otherwise, what are they using it for. Thanks for the comment and the insight.

      • loriann12

        Did you know that every object/living thing has a resonating frequency? If someone could discover the resonating frequency of the human body, they could kill a person. Resonating frequency, simply put, is a sound that causes the body to vibrate even after the sound is turned off. In subhunting, it causes a signature to appear several times, as ghost images, because it vibrates in harmonic “bars” for lack of a better term.