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This week we have a guest post on Ways To Improve Your Home Security. This post comes to us from Liam Ohm.  Always looking for a bit more on improving home security and defending your home.

5 Ways For Improving Home Security

Getting the security right for your home is crucial, and needn’t be overly complicated. Some of the best measures you can take for improving your security can include fitting new alarms, through to making sure that you’re careful with spare keys and your rubbish, as well as ensuring that your garden doesn’t become an easy way for burglars to break into your home. At the same time, it’s worth reviewing some general safety tips that can help to make your property more secure from would-be robbers.

1 – New Alarm Systems

While most homes have an alarm system fitted, it’s worth considering some of the more advanced options available, and particularly if you’re worried about break ins in your area, or if you’ve had one before. Motion sensor alarms can help detect a threat before a door can be broken door, while infrared cameras can be set up overnight to go off if someone tries to break through into the house. Modern alarm systems can be combined with window breaking wires that set off silent alarms, and can be used with wireless monitors that won’t go off if your power is cut.

2 – Avoid Leaving Out Spare Keys

Although it is useful to have a set of spare keys under your door mat or hidden under a plant pot, chances are that a burglar with enough time and confidence will be able to find them. It’s better to make copies and give them to trusted neighbors  who can let you in if you do get locked out. This’ll make a big difference if you lose your keys, and means that you have someone who can check on your house for you if you’re away, even if that only represents testing windows and back door locks.

3 – Watch Your Rubbish

In general, try to avoid leaving out any boxes on your street that can alert burglars to what you have in your home. If you’ve just bought a flatscreen television or an expensive computer, leaving the box in plain view with your bins could lead to a break in. You should also be careful about not throwing away old documents that might contain confidential information or bank details. Try to shred these, rather than putting out old files – the same goes for any old CDs or computer parts that might contain important information.

4 – Maintain Your Garden

It’s important to ensure that your garden doesn’t become a way for a burglar to enter your property. Keep fences and any back gates in good order, and don’t allow your garden to become too overgrown, as it’ll be easier for a burglar to get to your property without being seen. If worried about intruders, it’s worth installing motion lights in your back garden, or barbed wire at the top of fences. Moreover, be careful when trimming back hedge areas in front of your property, as another overgrown area could make it easy for someone to block their view from the street while breaking into a house.

5 – General Safety

There are many small ways in which you can make the interior of your home more secure. One way might be to convert a ground floor bathroom into a wet room, which involves waterproofing the room and removing large fixtures. Windows can be covered over and replaced by an extractor fan, limiting the danger of someone climbing in through an open window. Other ways of improving your home security might include installing a small safe for jewelry and any other valuables – it’s less likely that a burglar will try to open a heavy safe if an alarm is going off.

Author Bio: Liam Ohm writes about home improvement. From installing wetrooms to fireproofing your home – he writes about it. In his spare time he enjoys networking, DIY and reading.

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