Making Your House Less Attractive to Thieves

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Making Your House Less Attractive to Thieves

For most burglars, the decision to break into a home or not is based on the balance between the risk of getting caught and the profits that they can hope to reap from their crime. You can make your house less attractive to thieves by both increasing the chances that they’ll be caught and then making this clear to them at a glance.

Here are some basic tips to keep in mind:

Don’t Draw Attention

Make sure not to give burglars the impression that yours is the richest home on the block and thus the one that is most likely to prove profitable. Try to blend in with the homes of your neighbors as much as possible while avoiding shows of wealth and ostentatious displays. Draw your curtains at night so that people can’t look into your home. Similarly, if you are making big purchases, make sure to transport them securely and dispose of the packaging in as discreet a manner as possible.

Giving the Impression of People Being Home

Most burglaries take place sometime between 10 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon, meaning that most burglars prefer to target homes when their residents are out on other business and there is no one present. You can reduce the chance of these burglars striking by creating the impression that there are people still home. For example, if you have timers at home, you can set them to turn on electronics such as radios and televisions during these hours. Similarly, if you have a vehicle that you are not using while you are out, you can leave it in your driveway to suggest that your home is currently occupied. Alternatively, you can also reduce your chances of being burglarized by making sure that people are present at your residence during those hours. For example, if you hire people to do your gardening or home maintenance, scheduling their visits for those times can do a great deal in deterring would-be burglars.

Making It Harder to Get Into Your House

Burglars tend to be opportunistic. If you secure your house so that it seems like it will be harder to break into and then escape in a short period of time, then burglars are much less likely to darken your doorsteps with their presence. Take the time to securely lock all doors and other possible entrances to your home whenever you leave for the day. If you have the resources, install deadbolts on your doors and bars on your windows to make it harder for people to break in through those entrances.

Having a dog in your home can also prove an effective deterrence to burglars, particularly if your dog is big and seems aggressive. However, if you are going to rely on a dog to deter burglars, then you should take care to scatter evidence of its presence to deter burglars as much as possible. For example, install signs warning burglars of the dog on your premise and place accessories for dogs around entrances. Similarly, you can also install alarm systems and plaster entrances to your home with stickers warning away would-be burglars.

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