Why The US Media Is Not Reporting The OccupyCongress March

Jan 17, 2012 by

Reading up on a few things tonight and absolutely amazed that the mainstream US media is not reporting the following:

From Jan 17 Huffington Post

A diverse crowd of hundreds from around the country descended on Capitol Hill Tuesday as the Occupy movement tried to get its point across to a Congress returning from a long recess.

“We came to add to the numbers, to be heard,” said Rosetta Star, a social entrepreneur from Asheville, N.C. “We came to inspire others; we came to inspire our children. We came because we can’t sit still and pretend like nothing is going wrong, when we feel like the collective bus of the country is getting driven off a cliff.”

RT and FoxNews reports that thousands were on the lawn of the Capitol.  Guess who doesn’t have anything on the event?  CNN and MSNBC.  Fox News (which doesn’t have any love for the current administration) doesn’t have it on their front page.  Amazing that the sources that Americans rely on for their news continually filter out select events.  Really shameful that in this age of information we don’t demand more from the media.

Well, at least we can be sure that when the SHTF, the media won’t likely report it.

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  1. gat31

    Doesn’t surprise me a bit. There is a great documentary on netflix about fox news and George Sorros which is very eye opening. When it comes to anything reported on the mainstream media my first reaction is automatically it’s a lie, if it sounds interesting l research it to decide if it really is or not. Rarely do l even bother with them anymore alternative and foreign media is the way to go.

    • Yes, it’s very disturbing. I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but you have to believe that our government has some say on what they are able to put out there.

      I’ve been enjoying reading more on RT.com as they seem to be a bit more balanced.


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