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Jun 11, 2013 by

You’ve heard me speak of the importance of gold and silver on this site.  It’s with great pleasure we announce a relationship with our newest partner, which goes by the name of JM Bullion.

JM is one of the best online resources for precious metals. Though they have only been in business for a short while, they are easily one of the most well-rounded precious metals dealers on the web. Unlike other dealers, it doesn’t matter if you want to spend $50 or $50,000, JM will give you the respect and care you deserve.

Gold and Silver

Their main calling card is the fact that they offer lower prices than just about any other precious metals dealer on the web. Going hand in hand with these low prices is the fact that JM Bullion does not require you to spend a minimum amount of money just to make a purchase of gold or silver from them. So whether you are an experienced investor who is trying to make the most of his or her investing funds, or simply starting out, JM Bullion has got you covered.

JM Bullion offers three methods of payment are:

  • Credit/Debit Cards ($0-$3,000 Orders)
  • Paper Check/ Money Orders/Cashier’s Check ($0-$10,000 Orders)-4% Discount
  • Bank Wire ($2,500-$100,000 Orders)-4% Discount

After you have safely and easily paid for your order on JM Bullion, your metal will be shipped within 3 to four business days via USPS or UPS.

There have never been tougher economic times than now, and thus have never been a better time to invest in precious metals. By purchasing gold or silver you are doing a much better job than most at preparing and fighting back against the dismal economic climate that has faced us since 2008.

If you decide to purchase gold or silver, consider using JM Bullion as you will not be disappointed.  Also, tell them that Survivor Mike sent you.

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