Start With A Plan

Oct 20, 2011 by

How do you start out with planning for surviving disaster?  The best way to learn anything is to understand how others have achieved it. 

1) Reading up on past disasters and how folks managed to survive

For example lessons learned from major disasters are below.

Japan Nuclear Disaster
Hurricane Katrina Lessons

Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill
Hurrican Irene Lessons
More Hurricane Katrina Lessons
Survive And Thrive

2) How To Guides – Loads of information on how to prepare for disaster

Lessons Learned from Beginning Preppers
Survival Guide To Disaster
How To Live Through Disasters
Five Ways to Survive Any Disaster
How To: Survive An Apocalyptic Disaster
Natural Disaster Survival Guide – one of my faves

Anyone have any other tips to share?  Feel free to post.

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