Prep Of The Week – Week 1

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Recently, we’ve asked our readers for feedback on what they would like to see more of from our site.  A good many of the folks said they would like to hear of some of the preps we’ve gathered and if they are any good.  Remember, if we don’t own, we won’t review it.

So, we’ve decided to dedicate a weekly post highlighting our “Prep of the Week”.  It will cover items we feel are up to par and have reviews we feel warrant the product.

Without further ado, we present our…

Prep of the Week!!!!

When the SHTF, those with more information than others will have a better chance of survival.  So, we chose the…

Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio by Ambient Weather

In a disaster scenario, communication will be spotty at best but you will need to have access to it and this item is a must have.


This radio has a digital tuner for AM, FM and WeatherBand.  It can be powered by solar but offers a hand crank option as well which is a great feature.

In terms of power, there is an AC/DC adapter option with the rechargeable battery AND there is a USB port as well as a port for smartphone recharging. Finally, there is a built in LED flashlight feature.

With multiple purposes this radio acts almost like a swiss army knife except it weighs less than a half pound.  Its’ small size makes it perfect for a bug out bag as well.

Summary of Customer Reviews

  • Lightweight but well made
  • Strong tuner with great reception; digital tuning a plus
  • Easy to use with simple displays
  • Charging option is a huge bonus
  • Solar charge will activate without direct sunlight (inside a window)
  • Loves that the battery is both removable and replaceable

I urge you to check out these customer reviews on the radio.


For $39.99 with the AC adapter, you cannot find a better-made, feature-rich radio at this price.

This radio is perfect for your bug out bag and we’ve got 3 of them counting the one in our bug out bag.

Remember, our team will continue to update our Survival Deals two times per week.  Feel free to check out these discounted, high quality items by clicking on the banner below.


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