Prep of the Week – Week 2

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You don’t realize how dark a house gets until you don’t have electricity.  Our recent experience with Hurricane Sandy showed us that.  Luckily we had a generator to power some basic items during the storm.

However, my aunt and uncle did not have a generator and I provided them with two solar powered lanterns with a hand crank.  I highly recommend this lantern which is the…

7 Inch Mini Solar Lantern by Athena Brands


This item generates a lot of light for a small lamp.  One per room was more than enough light for them and then during the day they let it charge.  This was used for just the inconvenience of not having electricity (which in some areas happens often).

However, you can also use this item for the outdoors in a true SHTF situation.  Solar power is abundantly available outdoors and the need for light is even more important as you attempt to navigate the elements.

Our Review

This lantern is both inexpensive and durable.  My aunt panicked when she dropped the lantern on her tile kitchen floor and thought it wouldn’t work.  It kept on ticking.

On a full charge, the full power light would last for a little less than 1.5 hours but had some light for well past 3 hours.

Able to charge my cell phone during the storm – unbelievable useful.

Customer Review Highlights

Customer reviews include:

  • Extremely durable
  • Holds charge longer than advertised
  • Great clip /handle for hanging off backpack and charging during hike
  • Perfect for trick or treating with the kids at night
  • High and low setting (for extended life)
  • Powerful for such a small unit

Recomended stamp


For $25.14, this is a perfect investment for a little bit of security and peace of mind.  I know folks that have 2 or 3 of these.

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