Prep of the Week – Week 3

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Last week we touched on the solar lantern and received some great feedback from satisfied consumers.  This week, we pick one of my favorite items as I am a big multi-takser.  When you need light and your hands free to do something else, a headlamp is a key tool.  However, the move to LED has changed the game for headlamps and what they can produce.

This week, we are featuring the…

Princeton Tec Quad 4 L.E.D. Headlamp


The Tec Quad produces huge light with 4 LED lights and wide center opening.  In terms of output it generates 45 Lumens which is quite bright.  In addition, with 3 new AAA batteries the lamp lasts up to 50 hours.  It has 4 output modes, Hi, Medium, Low and Safety Flash.

The headlamp is extremely lightweight at 3.4 ounces – you barely know you have it on.  And though it is lightweight, it is extremely durable for those outdoor camping trips or general rough usage.

Other neat features include have a low battery indicator, 3 colored lenses for the light – green, red and blue.  The headlamp is also waterproof to 1 meter.

Our Review

We’ve purchased these for our moms because, in a power outage, having your hands free is invaluable.  For us personally, we have 2 on hand (one for each of us).  We used the lamps during Hurricane Sandy to work on the generator in the dark.

You almost forget you have it on since it is so light.  I actually walked over to the neighbors with it on as I had just checked on the generator.  My neighbor immediately said “That is so cool – where did you get that?”  He now has two himself.

Customer Review Highlights

Customer reviews include:

  • Light starts out on lowest setting (which many found was enough light)
  • Dropped in the creek yet still going strong
  • Strap is very comfortable
  • Sturdy and long lasting
  • Spread of the beam is one of the best features
  • Bright and easy to use
  • Can also use Lithium batteries
  • Awesome product with a smart design
  • Far exceeded my expectations

Recomended stamp


For $33.14, this is a long lasting investment for some peace of mind.  There is literally no maintenance to do for the unit and battery life is never an issue.

Remember, our team will continue to update our Survival Deals two times per week.  Feel free to check out these discounted, high quality items by clicking on the banner below.


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