Preppers Getting Some Mainstream Press

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I saw an article on Reuters today where they cover the “prepper” movement in America.  They interview several bloggers including James Rawles from  While it’s refreshing to see some mainstream press on the subject, the article hits a bit too close to religious fanaticism for me.  See the below…

Source Reuters article

A sense of “suffering and being afraid” is usually at the root of this kind of thinking, according to Cathy Gutierrez, an expert on end-times beliefs at Sweet Briar College in Virginia. Such feelings are not unnatural in a time of economic recession and concerns about a growing national debt, she said.

“With our current dependence on things from the electric grid to the Internet, things that people have absolutely no control over, there is a feeling that a collapse scenario can easily emerge, with a belief that the end is coming, and it is all out of the individual’s control,” she told Reuters.

She compared the major technological developments of the past decade to the Industrial Revolution of the 1830s and 1840s, which led to the growth of the Millerites, the 19th-Century equivalent of the preppers. Followers of charismatic preacher Joseph Miller, many sold everything and gathered in 1844 for what they believed would be the second coming of Jesus Christ

Ms. Gutierrez makes it sound like we’re blindly following someone giving them all our money and completely changing our lives.  We are simply preparing our families for a potential scenario that is too dangerous to ignore.  Many of us that have been through hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods have seen that things can deteriorate quickly in this world (thus the SHTF).

While the press is good as more people will hopefully become preppers (and be prepared), they cheapen it a bit by bringing the religious aspect into it.

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  1. gat31

    My feeling is this, as long as the message is getting out l don’t care how they do it. Every person in my neighborhood that is prepared for such disasters is one less person l have to worry about trying to come after me and mine in a SHTF scenario.


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