Prepping For Disaster Dry Run?

Oct 25, 2012 by

Emergency Preparedness

Those of us in US Northeast have been told to prepare for serious weather over the coming 3-5 days.  Hurricane Sandy is predicted to race up the east coast and then turn back west into land.  This combined with a storm moving across the country from the west, could create the “perfect storm”.   Heavy rain, damaging winds and flooding could all be prevalent as this storm stalls across the northeast.

We saw something similar in 1991’s version of the Perfect Storm and in 2011 with Hurricane Irene.  For us personally, that helped solidify our need to get prepared and quickly.  A prepper was born.

Prepper’s Dry Run

So, is this the dry run you are looking for?  We’ll likely get a chance to experience a multi-day power outage mixed with flooding and barren stores as everyone flocks to prepare last minute.  We’ll also likely see communications suffer as the government scrambles to warn people to take shelter.

We plan to take this opportunity to run through our disaster recovery plan and see how we fare for those few days.  While it is not like what we’ll experience when the SHTF, it’s a small sample size of it.  I look forward to seeing how my neighbors react as I assess who will be helpful and who will likely be an anchor when it comes to prepping.

Tomorrow is reserved for gassing up and starting the generator, checking the food and supplies in our storage closet and securing the home as best as possible.

If you happen to live in the northeast of the United States, you may want to take this opportunity to have your own dry run.  At the very least, you’ll give your family experience with dealing with uncertainty and adversity.  Both valuable experiences for when the SHTF.

If you do experience the storm this weekend, be sure to comment on the site afterwards.  Most importantly please stay safe.

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