Prepping Pets For Survival

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Prepping pets has always been an interest to me and I’ve often struggled with deciding how I can best care for our pet during a crisis.  Craig Caudill, who writes for Dan’s Depot, has provided a great guest post for us on the topic and useful video on prepping pets.  

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Prepping Pets

It is not uncommon for folks to get so focused on their human family members during survival training that the furry members of the family are forgotten. There are a lot of people who consider their pet a genuine member of the family and will need to plan for a pet’s survival as well as their own.   Prepping pets could be the difference between survival and perishing.

Let’s be honest, there are some pros and cons when it comes to making the decision whether prepping pets will be a part of your survival plan. The time to decide and prepare is now, not in the heat of the moment.

prepping pets

Let’s talk about some of the good things about including your pet as part of your survival plan.

  • They provide a warm body to snuggle with when it is cold. Dogs are great snugglers.
  • Pets tend to be more alert than humans. They are like an early warning system and can alert you to situations before your own human senses would pick up on it.
  • Your pet can be your best friend, especially  if you are all alone. A pet’s companionship gives you somebody to talk to and essentially, a reason to go on. Their survival may be dependent on you getting them home safely which is a strong motivator for prepping pets.
  • Some pets can act as security detail.
  • Pets who are trained to hunt are huge assets to a family who needs to hunt to survive.

Now, let’s examine some of the downsides of prepping pets.

  • Your pet is a living being and will need the same resources you do to stay alive. You will have to share what you have. Food and water may be scarce. Can you afford to share it with your animal? That is not a decision you want to make during a stressful event. Make the decision now.
  • Pets who are prone to wonder can become a liability. How much time and energy can you afford to expend searching for an errant pet? The answer is likely to be little to none. Survival means using any and all energy for the sole purpose of living.
  • Pets that are not disciplined can cause alarm to wildlife that could become food.

Clearly, the points in favor of keeping your family pet with you outweigh leaving the pet behind. However, this is a decision that is going to be tough, probably more so for some families than others. The key is to make a decision now to avoid a lot of indecision and stress if and when the time comes.

Check out this video for more tips about survival plans that include prepping pets.

– Craig Caudill instructs humans in outdoors survival skills at and at his Nature Reliance School.


  1. It has never occurred to me to NOT prep for my dog. She’s a part of the family. I have kibble in my BoB, a way for her to drink water too. She’s very alert and I hope her skills with catching small birds can be useful! AND she’s part of the family. You don’t abandon family.

    • Well said. Family members are family members. Even better that they can protect and hunt. Thanks for the comment.


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