Prepping With Kids

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Prepping with Kids

One topic I’ve often worried about is prepping with kids.  I have children and preparing them for a collapse of any kids is downright scary.  Let’s face our kids today have a lot more than we had as kids.  Making a child understand why you have to go without is a challenge for sure.  That I am glad that Sara Dawkins agreed to write a post on prepping with kids for us.  Sarah’s take shows us that prepping with kids is not about supplies and gear rather explaining why you doing things a certain way.  Enjoy.

Preparing for the worst doesn’t mean that you are buying into doomsday scenarios that flood YouTube on a regular basis. It means that you’d rather be safe than sorry. You’re planning on survival, not how the world will end. Although a zombie apocalypse may be a far stretch of the imagination, a natural disaster isn’t. And prepping with kids can be a challenge.  When your children are looking at you like you’re a hoarder stockpiling away survival gear like a crazed army veteran, they may need some explanation before they put you on TV.

1. Boy Scouts – Like the Boy Scout motto, “Be Prepared”, let your children know that the family is ready for anything that might happen in the future. When survival tactics become a way of life, knowledge is your most powerful ally.

2. Non-Perishables – As children may not understand the difference in food types, explain why non-perishable items are ideal for survival planning. Canned goods have a far longer shelf life that nearly anything else you can buy from the store aside from dried goods. Children need to know how foods can degrade over time and become inedible.

3. It is Not McDonald’s – Children also may not understand how survival foods aren’t meant to be a tasty meal. Eating Ramen noodles for weeks on end may get old, but it could keep you alive when others starve to death. There are spices you can pack away to improve the quality of the meal, but its primary objective is to keep you alive.

4. Rationing – Your stockpile of food and supplies may need to last days, weeks, months, or even years. Children need to be taught how rationing their food supply can prolong their survival until other supplies are found.

5. Vitamin Supplements – In dire situations, you may not get all of the nutrients out of your food supply. Explain to your children how vitamin supplements can help keep them healthy when the rations are strict.

6. Off the Land – If the circumstances allow it, living off of the land may become a priority. As farmers were able to survive more than 200 years ago without a 7-11, so can your children. It may be a completely different lifestyle than what they’re used to, but they need to understand that it may be a necessity. The stockpile of seeds you are accumulating may literally be the difference between life and death.

When a SHTF circumstance happens, you want to keep yourself and your family from being on the bad end of it. Don’t let prepping with kids intimidate you. It doesn’t cost much to start building a surplus of goods immediately and continuing to build on it only provides better security for your family’s future. Just remember that you’re not a hoarder, you are a “prepper”.

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Sara is an active nanny as well as an active freelance writer. She is a frequent contributor of NannyPro.  Learn more about her here.

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  1. Harold in Maryland

    Nice list! Another skill children can learn is to respect fire. Children can collect firewood, kindling, and tender. They can learn to avoid flammables like gasoline, to select a safe area, and to build a teepee.

  2. dylan

    im 14 I cant have a job how do I prep

  3. Dylan griffith

    Im 14 cant have a job how do i prep