Army Of The Future – Robot Soldiers?

May 3, 2012 by

Like many other preppers, I’ve often day dreamed about what it will be like when the SHTF. The piled up trash, the eerily quiet roads, and darkened neighborhoods. However, one thing I’ve had a hard time picturing is the way the government will attempt to keep law and order. My assumption is the government will still be looking to retain some level of control.

How To Maintain Control

I believe they will attempt to use the local police forces to maintain order. It got me to thinking about the kind of cops that will tend to their duty when things get very tout for their family. I’ve rationalized it by thinking that most cops with any type of family would go AWOL very quickly. After all, would you really leave your family to survive on their own so you could fight other people trying to survive?

Obviously, some would stay especially if the compensation would remain (meaning they still got paid). Having a steady paycheck when things get tough would be very wise investment. The government could also provide food and shelter for those that serve. Security for your family could be a powerful incentive to serve.

However, it is my belief that a good many will leave to care for their families. It would only be human to feel that way.  So, where does that leave the government and their desire to maintain some level of control?

I feel they will try to take the human element out of the equation. This is where I make the outlandish claim…

The government will attempt to use robot soldiers to keep order and control.

Robot Soliders
– Photo by RDECOM

Robot Soldiers?

Stay with me as I intend to highlight my evidence supporting this claim. Before we dive into that, let’s ask why. There are 5 main reasons to move to this model.

1) Take out emotion

I’ve already covered why I think some military and police will desert and it all comes back to emotion and our human instinct to protect our family. Machines obviously don’t have that issue and will perform the same in any situation. Complete control over your military is a huge advantage.

2) Prevent conflicts of interest

One of the challenges with human soldiers is the potential for conflicts of interest as they may be asked to do things they are morally opposed to in war. Machines will not flinch when asked to detain civilians, use force on them or worse. In addition, machines cannot be bribed or persuaded to act differently.

3) Complete loyalty

Machines will also follow orders without question. Regardless of the situation in the country, machines will remain with the military due to the obvious lack of family commitments or responsibilities. Humans will be tempted to flee if the country becomes unstable or if there is a significant resistance to the government.

4) Lower cost to maintain

When you have soldiers in war you need to care for them. Food, water, rest, hygiene, and entertainment are just some of the things a government will need to provide for their human soldiers. With machines you only have mechanical issues to deal with in the battlefield. And the biggest benefit, you don’t need to rest your mechanical soldiers.

5) Can take more risks

Finally, one of the biggest advantages of an expendable army is that no situation is too risky. As long as you have the numbers you can be as reckless or aggressive as you’d like. This could change the way wars are fought in the coming years.  Imagine being able to send soldiers into near no-win situations to wear down your opponent and not risking mutiny because of the riskiness of the mission?

The Future Is Now

If you think this is something that is far off and will take the government time to implement, think again.  Recently we saw the following…

– In 2009 an article highlighting the work being done at the University of Maryland…

The US military is designing and testing technology that could lead to science fiction robotic soldiers taking to the battlefields of future wars, yet the consequences are still unforeseen.

An example of such a robot called ‘Ranger’ already functions at the University of Maryland. Barrett Dillow, an engineering graduate student of the University of Maryland who mans this machine says “Ranger was designed to be a teleoperated robot for space. The arms themselves were designed to perform all the tasks that an astronaut would. So, with a robot we can do all the things they would have done but faster, stronger, and better.”

This is precisely how robots are portrayed: helping humans do their dirty work. But that work may have gotten even dirtier. Now robots are turned into killing machines as the Pentagon tests new and ‘exciting’ ways to engage in warfare.


– More recently, the work being done by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)…

The military agency has also shown a strong interest in legged robots by funding projects such as Boston Dynamics’ four-legged robotic headless mule designed to carry battle gear for US marines. In its first outdoor test, the robot showed how it could follow a person and navigate around trees and rocks while climbing a hill.

One of its other projects is Robot Cheetah, which set a speed record running faster than an average human jogger. That could be of great advantage over the existing battlefield robots on wheels or tank-like treads.


– This combined with the following actions taken by the US Military should lead you to believe that something is coming.

Department of Homeland Security Buying 450 Million New Bullets

Pentagon Deploying 20,000 Troops Within The US To Prepare For Civil Unrest

Government Telling Ammo Dealers To Stop Selling To Vendors, Civilians

Government Buying Hardened Checkpoint Booths & Radiation Pills

Make no mistake, the race is on to create the new and improved army and you can venture to guess that the timeline has been moved up given the uncertainty in these recent times.  When the SHTF, the government plans to be ready.

Fellow preppers, please add your thoughts below.  Is this something you think is far off or right around the corner?  Let’s start a discussion on this one.


  1. Greg

    Me & a guy I work with have concluded that Day 1 of shtf is the only semi-safe travel day. After that, it’s gonna be VERY risky to be seen with a vehicle, weapon, food water or any survivor tools.

    You need to have a rendezvous (yes, I had to look it up to spell it) plan. A plan that includes the family and neighbors. Who knows where anyone’s going to be, when the shtf. We’re looking at night travel and only off the roads a bit.

    Anyone else?

  2. gat31

    We live on the cusp of town and country, so my place has become the meet up site. My family has been drilled to gather all food you can fit in a car and drive here immediately. We have already tested that we can get 22 in the house fairly comfortably and my acre is completely fenced in. The garden is somewhat planted and l have water in a well here so l don’t depend on the city.(looking to get a flojack to go with the handpump) l have several alternative cooking methods in place as well.
    l agree with your assessment of robots as military. Between the cell phones, traffic cams, onstar, and internet spying l think they keep up with us all pretty well and won’t hesitate to coral us all in as they deem fit.

  3. annie

    Frightfully,1984 here we come.


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