Self Defense for Survival

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One of the top priorities of a survival situation is ensuring your personal safety. That can mean a lot of different things, but in this particular case, we are simply talking your mindset and self defense for survival. It may seem kind of strange to think about self-defense in a survival situation, but in the aftermath of a major event like a hurricane or earthquake; the bad side of people tends to rear its ugly head.  Desperation causes people to do things they may not normally do. You must be prepared to deal with that.

Self Defense For Survival

One of the best tactics for self defense for survival is avoidance. Yep, if you do your best to avoid any confrontation you will not have to worry about getting hurt or hurting somebody. Despite how prepared you are to protect yourself, it is pretty unlikely you would walk away with nothing more than a sweaty brow. You are very likely to suffer some injury. Even a minor injury in a survival situation can become serious.

Consider the situation that happened after Hurricane Katrina. Things were not good in areas where there were a lot of people gathered. Some of these people were gathered together voluntarily in order to receive aid, others were placed there by authorities. In either event, the benefit of the assistance was nearly negated by the violence that was happening.

Prepare to Defend

There are a couple of things you could do today to help you avoid the need for being placed in one of these large group aid situations.

  • Get together with a group of people you trust and make preparations for survival. This also helps relieve some of the burden off of FEMA and the Red Cross.
  • Try to avoid running into other people by moving at night or in the wee hours of the morning.
  • Do your best to keep your group as quiet as possible. You do not want to draw any attention to yourself.

If you cannot avoid a situation, you need to be prepared to handle the confrontation.

  • Train in self defense
  • Set your mind to being the victor. It could likely be a do or die situation and that is how you want to fight–with everything you have.
  • You must prepare yourself physically and mentally to dole out “violence of action.” Basically, you will have to be more violent than your attacker.
  • You cannot read a book about martial arts or other defensive training. And keep in mind, a real-life altercation is never quite as choreographed as your training sessions.
  • Weapons are great equalizers ONLY if you know how to properly use them.

Your physical strength hinges on your mental strength. Be prepared for such encounters and set your mind to surviving.

Craig Caudill is a blogger and vlogger for Dan’s Depot. Among other things, he teaches urban survival training, and makes instructional videos about outdoor subjects. He is also the chief instructor at his Nature Reliance School.


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