Week #10 – SHTF Planning

Mar 16, 2012 by

What I Did To Prep This Week – SHTF Plan Building

This week I took a prepper trip to BJs and stocked up on a few items.  Added a bit to the SHTF plan as Doomsday Preppers has inspired me.

a. Food / Water

The trick we’re trying to accomplish is to buy items that we use on a daily basis, buy more than we need to store and simply rotate them.  However, some of the items are not practical or cost effective to do that.  However, I did purchase 12 boxes of plain pasta which we use but not frequently.  Hoping to replenish this on an every other month basis. 

Also purchased another case of water (30 individual bottles).  Now these are not the best for storage as they take up more room than you’d like but we do use these (more so in the summer) so it can be rotated.   In addition, I added 2 gallons of water in two large bottles.  Slowly but surely folks.

b. Storage

As I anticipate storage being an issue later on I picked up another large box of black trash bags.  These can be used for storage or cut up for various other uses when the SHTF. 

As I start planning to freeze and store some food items, I picked up a large case (192 quart sized bags) of freezer bags.  They were on sale which made it more attractive and, again, we do use these on occasion.

c. Health & Hygiene

As discussed in the finale of Doomsday Preppers, having items to keep clean and healthy are very important.  To go with our first aid kit and hydrogen peroxide supply, I picked up 2 bundles of bar soap (40 bars in total).  The bars may come in handy as it could even be used to barter

Another must have is hand sanitizer which I picked up 4 large pump bottles and 3 small pocket bottles.  With 3 children we go through this fairly often so thought it a wise investment.

Finally, I picked up a case of mosquito repellent – came with 2 large cans and 4 small pocket tubes.  With spring on the way, we’ll certainly use one of two and the rest we can store. 

d. Light

While we have a portable generator, using this generator in a SHTF scenario will become difficult as well as expensive.  So, I purchased an Athena Soladyne 7 inch Mini Solar Lantern for the home.  It comes with a hand crank as well for the evening if necessary.  Very excited to try this out and will likely look to purchase a few more in the future.

What’s Planned For Next Week?

The plan for next week is to better organize the storage closet with some boxes marked with storage dates to avoid expiration.  I think I can make it very easy to ascertain what is in there and how to rotate with a better system.

Discussion Point / Thought Of The Week

I thought I’d add a topic to these updates to help us better understand a specific prepping topic.  We have a great group of readers here and I’d like to leverage that knowledge base.  This week’s thought…

Do you see your neighbors buying into prepping given the state of the economy?  Do you think a community is necessary for when the SHTF?

Thanks again for your participation.  Love to hear the feedback.


  1. gat31

    Hey l like that you got hand sanitizer, because you don’t need water. Something else you might consider is baby wipes. You can get the refill packs fairly cheap at the big warehouse stores and they have a plethora of uses as well. If hot running water is not available, a pack of wipes in the back car window to get warm will work to help clean daily grime from the body. Agreed that soap will be a good barter item too. You might want to consider cutting them in half if you need to barter them though. Hotel soaps are good for this as well. Don’t forget toothpaste and deodorant. You can get cheaper brands from the dollar stores and sometimes they will take coupons if it’s a name brand which can put them to practically free.
    Ever see the movie “The Book of Eli”? Hand towels and work gloves were valuable as well as shampoo and soap. I’ve almost gotten to the point where l hate to throw out anything because it might be treasure again one day 🙂
    Now as far as the community, l think it would be nice and useful if my neighbors were awake and prepping, however, doesn’t look good from where l sit.
    I was in Arcadia when hurricane Charlie hit there and was very glad to see how the community got together to help one another clear roads, remove limbs from roads and yards, (and roofs) there wasn’t any looting or stealing just people getting together with grills and food trying to feed one another until the national guard arrived. It was amazing to see people working together like that.
    Now would that happen in a bigger city of over 100,000 people? Probably not. I think the best you can hope for is to get one or two allies to help watch your back.l actually have 5 people connected to my fence line and only one has a vegetable garden, one only speaks spanish which l do not, 2 l’ve never met and the last couple is elderly so l would feel it necessary to help them out.
    One thing l’m doing though is the parking lot where l work has the area of landscaping but it has all gone to sand so l plan to clear it out, put in good dirt and set up a mini garden. Maybe try to resurrect the “victory” garden mentality and get other people to see how even though it’s only 6 feet by 6 feet it can produce food. If l can get it to work, l plan to go to several of the businesses in town and do similar projects. Think you could get boy/girl scouts involved in that or maybe the ag department at the high school?
    Anyways good luck in the prepping love the site.

  2. There are so many things to stock up for. I see how it’s best to stock up on what you can according to your budget each month and by the end of the year I should be in better shape.

    • Jeff – you are exactly right. There is a no perfect way to do this. Only do what you can, when you can.

  3. Joey

    Why freezing? One of the top things of any shtf scenario is long term power loss….

    Screw the freezer bags, and start canning your items.. Ground beef, pork, chicken, cubed beef… What your probably freezing regardless……can it.

    Make whole meals…chicken cattochtori ( spelling sucks i know ) or peppers and onions, whatever… Make it for dinner and can a few meals every time.

    Ill cook dinner, and can 6 identical meals at same time, usually for no more then twice normal costs…….because im using that bulk purchase at once…. Poof… Not only did you cook diner tonight, tomorrow, etc… But every time your cooking your dinner…your cooking another six days….. So 600% efficiency 😉


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