Week #12 (&11) – SHTF Planning

Apr 2, 2012 by

What I Did To Prep This Week – SHTF Plan Building

Combination of two weeks as there was some travel mixed in that made things tough to prep.  However, I’ve made some progress on my SHTF plan this week.

a. Power / Light

Box of 10 D batteries – You can never have too many batteries on hand and any time I see a deal on them, I grab them.

2 LED flashlights powered by hand crank – These are great as you crank it up for a a minute or two and it lasts 15-20 minutes.  Very handy.  While we have a portable generator and an Athena Soladyne 7 inch Mini Solar Lantern already on hand, you can always use portable light and power.

b. Water

Case of water (30 individual bottles) – Always need more.

1 Gallon of tap water – Filled another gallon to add to the growing supply.  Space is starting to become an issue.

c. Fire

320 Waterproof matches – Great little find on sale in Target.  Come in boxes of 40.

d. Storage

Large 5 shelf plastic rack – Put up some recycled closet shelves in the garage that freed up this baby.   Now have 5 free shelves to fill with supplies.

e. Information

Posted Surviving Disaster on site – I felt the duty to inform folks about what I think it means to truly provide for your family.

If you haven’t read through it, I hope you do and offer your comments.  My goal for this blog to be of help to people just starting out with prepping.  I’d like to cut through the noise and provide only what is needed.  Thanks in advance.

What’s Planned For Next Week?

The plan for next week is work on making water safe for drinking with some purification supplies.  Also, we’ll be looking into upgrading the security of our front door.

Discussion Point / Thought Of The Week

I thought I’d add a topic to these updates to help us better understand a specific prepping topic.  We have a great group of readers here and I’d like to leverage that knowledge base.  This week’s thought…

Does the recent situation with NBC allegedly altering George Zimmerman’s 911 call lead you to believe the media is untrustworthy?

Thanks again for your participation.  Love to hear the feedback.


  1. I like your site. I’m nodding my head as I read through the list of items you’re putting away, it all makes sense to me. One thing I was wondering, though, and maybe I missed this: Are you hoarding gold or do you plan to?

    • Charleen – I have plans to do so. I think it’s critical to a sound plan. My issue has been finding a reputable seller to use – however, I think I have found one.

      By the way, I like your site. I’ll be reading up on it more this week.