Week #2 – SHTF Plan Prepping – Progress in Defense

Jan 15, 2012 by

What I Did To Prep This Week – SHTF Plan Building

a. Defense

To add to my defense capabilities I purchased 200 additional .40 cal rounds for my Glock 22.  This would get me to nearly 500 rounds of ammunition which may sound like a lot.  However, a) you knew know when TEOTWAWKI comes and b) I plan to do a bit of practicing in the coming weeks so I can use the extra. Related to that, I’ve called for a membership at the local range which is about 20 minutes from our house. My plan is to bring my wife so she can feel comfortable with the Glock.

Additionally, I began researching purchasing a shotgun for the home.  Two choices that seem to stick out is the Mossberg 500 and the Mossberg Maverick 88.  I’m still on the fence about the shotgun as I’d likely not try to use it for a break-in / home invasion.  Rather I’d be looking to utilize it in a true SHTF scenario where we’d be defending ourselves daily.  A big factor in deciding on a shotgun will certainly be ease of use as my wife will need to be able to handle it.   I’ve heard the Maverick 88 is easier to handle.  Will look to make a decision on this shortly.

Finally, I purchased a backup battery for the home alarm system via Amazon.  Nothing fancy but will at least allow me to keep the alarm system running a bit longer in the case of a power outage.

b. Heating

After experiencing Hurricane Irene in 2011, we lost power for several days. However, that occurred in August and we utilized our generator to keep the fridge going and a few lights.  I thought the other day, a power outage now would make things really tough given the winter.  It’s not like I could plug my furnace into my 5500 Watt generator and poof, we have heat.  Outside of some complex switch panel (which I need to research), I figured I’d certainly need 2-3 space heaters for temporary heat.  I’m down to two heaters on Amazon and I hope to make my decision by the end of the week.

Next is looking into the switch for the furnace so the generator could run the heat if needed.

What I Do I Plan To Do Next Week?

a. Finance – I hope to have some updates on some physical gold and silver purchases.

b. Security – I have a few things planned for lighting and potential door security.

What have you done this week to improve your SHTF plan?


  1. gat31

    Here’s an option for heating you might think about. I have not tried it yet, but l plan to try it soon. Might be a whole lot cheaper than amazon 🙂

  2. gat31

    ooops forgot the link

    • MM2Nuke

      Add some dessicant packs to the unit and change them out weekly will keep the moisture out. Ask at walmart, Target, or other clothing stores for their dessicant packs that come in the clothing. I get them for free from work and put them into a 1 pound coffee can and dry them in my oven for 5 hours at 170 degrees to reactivate them. I also use them in my reload boxes, pantry, and for storing clothes in cardboard boxes for off season.
      Also if you want to keep the heat longer have the hot air blow over some 55 gallon barrels filled with water mounted at the discharge of the unit (insulate the area) so when the sun goes down the residual heat will be extracted from the water and should keep warm air blowing for another 3 to 4 hours at night.
      If you reverse the process and don’t use the dessicant packs and live in a humid climate the cooler air will condense the moisture which can be gathered and drained off in a tube to a below ground catchment for gardening water. just an idea.

  3. gat31

    Also camp showers at Gander Mountain is about 10- 15 dollars and they work great for warming up water for a shower.

    • Gat, the camp shower looks interesting. I may have to take a look at that one.

      The solar powered option looks very promising. If you try it out, please be sure to fill us in here on how it went. Imagine how useful that could be.

  4. MM2Nuke

    From personal experience I would recommend the Maverick 88 in the hunt/defense combination. 1 gun 2 barrels in the 18.5 in and 24/26 upland game for hunting and longer range. I have 3 guns in 12ga and a 20ga (sears model from the 60’s) Western Hunter made by mossberg. All the parts in the Maverick are interchangeable with the mossberg 500 and the barrels switch over in a jiffy. I had an 870 growing up and got rid of it when I got the Maverick since the stocks fit better and have less parts when cleaning.I am working on a 4th with the 3.5in chamber for goose hunting ($125 layoway with 60 to go). Good luck on the site, lots of new preppers getting started need help at where to begin.

    • MM2, thanks for the tips on the Maverick. Everything I’ve read seems to point that way especially with teaching the wife how to use it. I’d like it to avoid getting one that is intimidating for her.

      Thanks for the comments. Hoping to help folks get started – some of my family has been asking for tips so that’s kind of how this started.

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