Week # 3 – SHTF Plan Prepping

Jan 21, 2012 by

What I Did To Prep This Week – SHTF Plan Building

a. Finance

One of the parts of my SHTF plan for the longest time was to purchase some physical gold and/or silver.  I’ve finally made that purchase of gold and silver Canadian Maple Leafs.  The purchase was made through Euro Pacific Metals which is the company of Peter Schiff.  Actually, reading Peter’s stuff on the economy back 3 or 4 years ago is what lead to me starting to prepare in general.  Peter has been known as “Doctor Doom” for his views on the US economy.

The coins were delivered in neat plastic container for easy storage.  I personally believe that silver will be better to have when the SHTF.  Plus, at roughly $30 an ounce you get a lot more coins which I think will be helpful when bartering for goods/services.  At the very least it makes me feel good to have some security and, worst case, an investment in silver and gold is a nice to have.

b. Defense

As I mentioned last week, I contacted a local range for membership and plan to go this month as their hours are a bit limited.  I got a lot of good feedback on the various basic home defense shotguns on the market.  I think I’m going to wait until I get a bit more experience with the Glock at the range.  I’d also like to have my wife join me at the range with the handgun first.

Received the backup battery for the home security system which should help in the event of an outage or the SHTF.

So, a bit of a light week this week as work was a bit crazy but got a few things done.

What’s Planned For Next Week?

Some security and additional food storage plans.

What have you done this week to improve your SHTF plan?