Week #4 – SHTF Plan Prepping – Power Up!

Jan 28, 2012 by

What I Did To Prep This Week – SHTF Plan Building

a. Power Generation

BJs had D batteries on sale so added to my supply of Ds bring my total to 36.  I didn’t want to stock up too much as we don’t go through D batteries very often at home and they would likely sit for some time.  Expiration dates say 2016 but likely good for a year maybe two at most.  Worst case, when the SHTF, I can throw them at people in defense.

Stored away my gas powered generator for the year with some fuel stabilizer.  Back when Hurricane Irene hit I went out with the lunatics and tried to buy a gas powered generator.  I bought a Briggs&Stratton 5500 Watt Storm Responder Portable Gas Generator.  I have to say I thought it was a bit of overkill when I bought it but it was the only choice as they had 50 come in and they were gone in 15 minutes.  Anyway, it’s a great generator as we managed to run some essentials and the neighbor’s refrigerator as well.  It was easy to use and has multiple outlets and will run for 13 hours on half load.  It gives me great peace of mind that we have it though I am realistic regarding the difficulty of finding gasoline in the event of TEOTWAWKI.

As I mentioned last week, I purchased a backup battery for our home alarm system.  This week I installed the EnerSys Genesit battery and tested it – worked like a charm.  Not as exciting or as cool as the generator but done nonetheless.

b. Security

After some work we did in our house we managed to damage our doorknob to the garage.   This lead me to having to buy a new set.  I purchased one with a more sophisiticated lock and deadbolt above it.  The doorknob is on and functional but still working on the deadbolt.  It’s funny the garage is always the way into our house I fear the most, even though it would be quite noisy.  Anyway, a bit more security there certainly helps when the SHTF.  One part of the site we’ll be updating soon is our Top 10 lists with one on home security.

c. Storage

The work we did in the house allowed us to remove some wire shelving from another closet.  This is perfect for our storage area and I plan to use to gain a bit more space there.  I grew up in a family that excelled in reusing things.  I kind of fell out of the habit but it’s certainly good to be back.  I know it’s only shelving but I’m certainly looking at things a second time before I decide to scrap it.

What’s Planned For Next Week?

Hoping to hit some financial items next week as well as discussing my Bug Out Bag (BOB).

What have you done this week to prep?