Week # 6 – SHTF Planning

Feb 13, 2012 by

What I Did To Prep This Week – SHTF Plan Building

A few items on the SHTF plan this week as I focused on prepping my post on Why We Are Truly In Trouble.

a. Water

As I’ve been told by many, I’m light when it comes to water.  I’ve added 3 gallons to my water supply to bring the total to 20.  Slowly but surely increasing my supply.  In addition, I’ve purchased a gallon of bleach to store for water purification.  It doesn’t take much bleach to purify a great deal of water.

b. Fitness

Since being physically fit is key to survival, I had to make getting back in shape a priority.  I don’t have a lot of weight to lose (maybe 10 pounds overweight) but I would like to tone up and add a bit of muscle.  I’ve been using Tony Horton’s Power 90 for the last several weeks.  I used this about 2 years back and got myself down to 175 and was extremely toned – also felt great.  Now, just getting toned a bit doesn’t get me to my goal.  I plan to begin training in some art of self defense – likely boxing as it is a love of mine.  More on that later.

c. Home Health

I purchased the Honeywell 50250 Pure HEPA Air Purifier for the home primarily for a pet dander problem we had in our basement when we bought our home.  However, I do believe this filter will come in handy in an emergency if necessary.  Worst case, it serves as a fan.  ; )  Actually I just really like the filter and was excited about it.

d. Health

Though we have quite a lot of first aid items in our home with 3 children, I purchased a first aid kid for the storage closet.  This kit had some interesting items in it including gauze, antiseptic wipes, cold compress, bandages, etc.  It also came with a handy first aid instruction sheet which will come in handy if my family freaks out.  ; )

I like this kit and am looking to purchase more for the rest of my extended family.

e. Tools

Not really a tool but I saw a very cheap item that I never thought I’d really buy.  I purchased a Pennzoil Siphon Pump at the local Walmart.  For $2.00 this could certainly come in handy if things really got bad and you had to scavenge for gas, other liquids.

What’s Planned For Next Week?

I had hoped to get myself to the range this week but it was extremely cold last week.  It may have to wait until March.  This week will likely be additional food, some security lighting and maybe some water solutions.

What have you done this week to build your SHTF plan?



  1. Mike

    I did some research on pet antibiotics; they are the same as the human doses

  2. gat31

    there is a 5 gallon collapsible water container at Gander Mtn for like 10 dollars. When full it’s like a cube with a spigot. You can also get those bigger 2 (2.5?) gallon containers for the fridge also with a spigot. Those are a little easier to store as they can be stacked.

  3. Jim B

    I do not know this by first hand experience but I have read that all new cars have some type of anti-siphoning openings. It makes it very difficult if not impossible to siphon gas. Siphoning can also be slow. I expect people will just take a screwdriver and punch a hole underneath the tank with a hammer and drain it that way. Just a thought


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