Simple Home Security Tips For Preppers

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These days, it seems people everywhere are talking about the impending end of the world. From the Mayan predictions to talk of a forthcoming zombie apocalypse, there’s definitely no shortage of events for which to be prepared. Whether or not you personally are buying into the hype, there are several people who are.

All of this doomsday talk has led to a trend of “prepping” which is the act of stocking up on goods and materials one might need in the event of a disaster. Those that partake in prepping are widely known as “preppers” and usually have large stockpiles of food and other necessary survival goods that might be hard to come by in a post-apocalyptic or disaster-ridden time.

However, stocking up on so many goods at once can be a bit of a security hazard, especially if the “preppers” in question don’t take the proper precautions. Carelessly accumulating and storing inordinate amounts of goods can make one an unknowing target to looters and thieves. To help prevent you, your family and your home from becoming a target for crime, follow some or all of the simple tips below.

Keep Items Out of Sight

One mistake many preppers make is to stock up on goods and materials before ensuring they have a place to store them. It’s important that they go into the process with forward thinking and prepare a room, pantry or storage container/unit to house the items. If they fail to do this, they will have to resort to improvising storage at the last minute, which can result in haphazard piles and stacks created around their home.

This is not just a bad idea because it can be unsightly, but also because it leaves many of your preparations in plain view for any visitor or passerby to see. Sure, you can try to mask the contents of your home with blinds and doors, but sometimes people can see in. If someone happens to peer in and catch a glimpse of the inside of your home, you don’t want to give them reason to want to come back. The supplies you’ve accumulated can prove very desirable for those without the means to prepare as fully as you have. So, just as you should try to hide any valuables you have, you should too, ensure you properly stow these goods and materials away.

Dispose of Product Packaging Discretely

Just as people are instructed to not leave their electronics boxes or other evidence of expensive new gifts out by the curb during the holidays, people in the “prepping” process should refrain from leaving large debris and trash in plain view of their neighbors. This is not to say that you can’t dispose of the materials through your own trash system, but do so in a discrete way. Get as much trash as you can inside the generic cans, so that others cannot see the contents. If there is far too much to all fit in the can, then be sure to place it in generic bags.

Lots of visible packaging only informs your neighbors and other passersby of the contents of your home. As time goes on and paranoia heightens, you’ll want to exercise extra-vigilance as people may begin to resort to desperate measures such as burglary to survive. So, this may not seem like an all-too-necessary precaution to take now, it’s good to get yourself in the habit, just in case.

Mum is the Word

A final tip has little to do with your actions and more to do with what you say. Don’t go around town touting yours and your family’s precautionary steps. Don’t let on that you’ve got over 5-years worth of non-perishable goods or X amount of firearms. That’s absolutely no one’s business. All that does is let the word get out that your house is a treasure trove of valuable, desirable goods some people would love to get their hands on.

Even if you have the best of the best of home security systems, you should avoid making your home a target.

So, unless you wholly trust someone and MUST tell them your preparation methods for some necessary reason, keep quiet. No need to draw unnecessary attention to your home.

Overall, if you are going to partake in the whole “prepping” business, do so wisely. Proactively keep the safety of you and your family in mind at all times and keep that your top priority. Because, should any of these predictions come true, one can be sure they will be your sole concern.

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