New Solar Flare Impact on Earth

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If you are like me, you like to read up on science, especially when it comes to our planet.  I am always fascinated by the outside effects on the earth.  One item I have read up on quite a bit is the potential solar flare impact on our planet.  I recently purchased a filter to be able to identify them with my camera and telescope.  I have to say, it’s pretty neat.

We have a comprehensive guest post on the subject and I thought our readers might be as interested  as I am.  Enjoy.

Preparing for the Mother of All Solar Flares

Although scientists may have theories and can see patterns within the Sun’s activity, the truth is that a solar flare can happen without warning. As our magnetic shield around the planet is continuously degrading, these solar flares can hit our planet in such a way that has never been experienced before.

Although humans may think we have a way to protect ourselves from a variety of instances, are you going to put faith in untested theories of keeping our civilization intact?  We’ll now take a look at the solar flare impact to us here on the planet.

1. Disruption of Satellites

A strong enough solar flare can disrupt communication to our satellite system. While this may not sound like a world-ending event, keep in mind of all the information that is bounced off of satellites in order to keep our civilization maintained.

We rely on satellites for more than merely cell phones and television service. If we lost even half of the satellites in space, it could greatly impact everything from flight plans of passenger planes to communications on a massive scale. The GPS would no longer be able to triangulate your position which affects travel.

2. On-ground Communications

Back in the 1800s, telegraph lines were affected by a solar storm that rendered them useless for a brief amount of time. Although we have better hardening of lines now-days from more than a century ago, we have a lot more of them. A solar flare impact like that would grind our civilization to a halt, even if it’s for a brief amount of time.

Never underestimate the human compulsion to panic and begin rioting. We are a species of creature comforts, and without them we can turn extremely violent.

3. Power Grid 

One of the most anticipated disruptions from a solar flare is how it will impact the power grid. As like in an electromagnetic pulse, energy within any electronic device will become disrupted and possibly overload it’s circuitry rendering the device completely useless. If a powerful enough blast from the Sun hit the planet, every electronic device in the path of the blast could be rendered inert.

Look around your desk and see just what electricity powered items you have and realize just how dependent you are on these. You could exist without one or two of these devices, but what about all of them? Are you prepared to be knocked back to the medieval ages?

4. Radiation 

A solar flare is just a simple burst of radiation from the Sun, but what if this burst was planet scorching? Truth be told, we really don’t have enough understanding of the Universe to say that a flare couldn’t cook this planet like throwing meat in a fire. Currently, we have discovered that many skin cancers are related to increased exposure to the Sun’s rays.

Imagine if we were in the path of a severe “belch” of galactic proportions from our star. Although history has proven to us that this situation would be unlikely, it’s not impossible.

Understanding Solar Flare Impact

As in most natural disasters, we would have little to no warning if a solar flare was to emit from the Sun aimed straight at the planet. There is still much humans don’t understand about the intricate workings of a star and how this form of radiation would impact life on this planet.

All we can do as a species is prepare by understanding the solar flare impact and use our best educated judgments in order to save ourselves from extinction.

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