The Sunday SHTF Survival Weekly – Week 16

Sep 9, 2012 by

SHTF Sunday Summary

The DNC fan fest is over and now the real fun begins in the US.  Jobs numbers were bad and QE3 is likely around the corner.  So, how do we prepare for the coming economic collapse – the Sunday SHTF Survival Summary of course.


1. In our area, we’ve noticed a significant uptick in crime – mostly burglaries and other thefts.  It makes you think what kind of weap0n should you keep in your home to defend yourself and your family.  Chief B wrote a piece for the Survival Blog that covers the best way to go about purchasing that perfect SHTF survival weapon.


2. In every economic downturn, certain industries have a boom.  Alcohol, tobacco, and gambling just to name a few.  However, gun manufacturing has seen a huge boom which continues today.  As Mac at SHTF points out, 2012 gun sales will exceed 2011 which were an amazing 10 million firearms sold in the US alone.   If you think people are not preparing, you are not paying attention.  The worst part is, many of this people are not preparing supplies like food and water and plan on just taking from those that have it (with the aid of their weapon).

3. Every so often, the prepping world will answer a question I’ve always wondered before my life as a prepper.  This is one of those times.  It has always bothered me that folks get into homes and overstretch themselves with a huge mortgage only to find themselves unable to pay when things get tough.  Ken at Modern Survival Blog asks and answers the question – “Why Do People Buy Homes At The Top End Of Their Budget”?

One theory I have always had on this is the generation that is buying homes in the last 5-10 years.  We don’t have that same mentality as our folks where they were OK with living a bit below their means “in case of a rainy day”.  Now, a “rainy day” for people means pull out the credit card or tap the home equity – making the storm even bigger.


4. Each week I find myself touting the Economic Collapse blog and it amazes me.  Always my favorite to read as they cover topics simply and with actionable steps.  This week’s post on Some Of The Really Bad Things That Could Happen To You If You Don’t Prepare is one I wanted to forward to all my non-believing friends.

It knocks down all the half assed attempts at prepping people love to make (just purchasing a weapon, just purchasing gold, etc).  It’s the ultimate “what if”!

5. As you know, I’m a huge believer in the need to build a community when the SHTF.  I also believe that many people feel the same way as my guest post on SHTF Plan had one of the highest comment counts in their last few months.  This has lead to the question of how best to build that community.  The guys at Modern Survival Blog come up with a unique way of building a community and some helpful tips to assure it works.