The Sunday SHTF Survival Weekly – Week 18

Sep 23, 2012 by

SHTF Sunday Summary

A week ago I said we needed to wait a week to see how QE3 would shake out.  Well, we’re seeing the S&P up 2%, and Gold up 2% in one week.  However, there are many that think QE3 will have little positive impact on the economy.   In today’s Sunday SHTF Survival Summary we’ll take a look at that impact.


1. I spoke about the need to be prepared for the impact of QE3. But how will the markets react to it?  Jim Sinclair of MineSet raises some interesting theories on how quickly and how we’ll be impacted.  Hint: Gold is the answer.

2. We think of inflation as a country and currency specific kind of problem.  However, Todd Ganos at Forbes outlines what Ben Bernanke is really afraid of for the economy.  It’s not the US economy that will drive the inflation, rather the emerging markets’ economy growth that will.

3. We all heard the story of the man that had nearly $7 million in gold in his home when he died.  So, the question is how do you protect that gold from criminals – but more importantly, the government?  The good folks at Gold Silver Worlds take a shot at telling you how to protect your wealth.


4. Getting into prepping can be an intimidating venture.  When many of us started out, there weren’t many sites to turn to for research.  Today, there are many websites and other resources for folks interested in SHTF survival.  Michele O at the Survivalist Blog writes a great piece on how new preppers can get started in this crazy world.  Some very practical advice for newbies but even a good refresher for the more experienced ones.

5. One of the major advantages of prepping is allowing you to stay ready for even the smallest crisis.  When we had a minor power outage (lasted 3 days) my family and I were able to ride out the inconvenience rather easily considering our preparedness. posted a great piece on how adopting a “prepping” mindset can help you in everyday situations as well as major disasters.