The Sunday SHTF Survival Weekly – Week 20

Oct 7, 2012 by

SHTF Sunday Summary

A new week and our first presidential debate in the US.  However, enough has been made of that farce especially since either choice will not help us avoid the inevitable.  Only one story on the election in this week’s Sunday SHTF Survival Summary since we’ll all get enough from the main stream media during October.  In this issue, we’ll focus on prepping in general.

US Politics

1. Every election year there is some type of publicity bombshell that is released right before the election.  Is this year any different?  Ken, from the Modern Survival Blog, is predicting another surprise come October?  What do you think?  Will the Romney camp release something throwing dirt on Obama, or will Obama plan a raid on those responsible for the killing of the US ambassador?  Either way, it will skew the election as the US population’s attention span is very short.


2. We take water for granted given how accessible and plentiful it is in the US.  However, prices are headed up.’s Mac discusses the sharp rise in prices over the last decade.  Mac dives into why this increase has taken place and it’s comparison to other staples.  Check out this pic from outside the Colts game today from @SportsMgmtGrad.  So, if you think you have enough water, you don’t.

3. Do you worry your friends and neighbors will find out you are prepping?  What if you had to hide your prepping from your spouse?  Tess at Ready Nutrition tackles the subject of getting your partner on the same page when it comes to prepping.  She has some interesting ideas on how to prep without making it seem like you are preparing for the SHTF.  Practical and useful advice.  Love the title too “Prepping on the Down Low”.  ; )

4. We often think of a SHTF event being a major attack or some other disaster.  However, a dirty bomb is something we’re not really well trained on how to handle.  A blog I have enjoyed recently is Preparing Your Family.  The recent post by Rudy hits home with how to deal with a dirty bomb.  He focuses on how to handle yourself in the critical 48 hours after the attack.  Getting mass between you and the radiation is key!

5. I always find that personal stories of folks surviving in trying times are not only educational, but the most inspirational.  Todd from the Survival Sherpa takes us into his own personal survival story.  Everyone thinks of the SHTF as a worldly event but your world can change based on personal circumstances very quickly.  We wish Todd and his family the very best in this trying time.

Have a great week all.


  1. Hi Mike, thanks for sharing our story. Really appreciate the well wishes. I’d like to post 10 Reasons Why Building a Community is Key When Surviving Disaster and other occasional articles with a link back to your original over on my site, with your permission. I originally found you over at SHTF Plan. Great advise.

    Doing the stuff,



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