The Sunday SHTF Survival Weekly – Week 21

Oct 14, 2012 by

SHTF Sunday Summary

Another week closer to the election in the US and some reports came out this week that put things in a better light.  Are they true?  A whole ‘nother story as they say.  We’ll explore those numbers as well as some defense items in this week’s Sunday SHTF Survival Summary.


1. We heard that the Obama administration was very happy to hear the jobs report was more positive than expected.  However, we’ve always known that the unemployment rate is under-reported so why should we expect a jobs report that is any different.  Well, they decided to exclude the jobless claims from the state of California in the most recent jobs report.  Quite convenient for the mainstream media.

2. Speaking of over-inflating numbers (or under in this case), the recent inflation rate (CPI) was 1.7% over the last 12 months (before seasonal adjustment).  However, as Michael at the American Dream tells us, if they reported as they did in the 1980’s, in inflation would be around 9% right now.  I think we’ve all felt it in our everyday buying.  Prices are going up and this article does a nice job of highlighting the areas that are rising and why.


3. As a prepper, is loneliness a problem for you?  David, at the Berkey Guy Blog, has a nice piece on battling “prepper loneliness”.  I can speak for myself where I feel like I’m the only person in my circle of family and friends that sees what is coming.  The looks you get from people, if you do choose to share that you are prepping with them, can be very disheartening.  However, they are family and close friends and I want to see them survive when it all goes down.  Some good advice for helping find like-minded folks to support you.


4. I saw this at a time where I was revisiting gun safety in general.  Scary video where a toddler shoots his father at a wedding.  Folks, please be ultra careful with weapons in your home and around your family.   It is critical you get trained on how to use, store and handle your weapons.  If you haven’t done so, please do.

5. Many people like to think that if disaster struck, your government will bail you out.  The folks at Off Grid Survival contend that it is just like outsourcing your safety to a third party.  You are putting your trust in a structure in which you have very limited knowledge.  Not only are you taking a chance, but you are taking one with of the most core needs a human has – to be kept safe.  Why risk this by outsourcing?  Take the mini quiz in this article and get yourself started on keeping you and your family safe.

Also, this week, be on the lookout for a guest post on home security.  Happy prepping all.