The Sunday SHTF Survival Weekly – Week 22

Oct 21, 2012 by

SHTF Sunday Summary

Lots of great defense and home defense information this week so we’ll focus there.  The next few weeks will be around the elections in the United States as who wins will decide how quickly the collapse will occur.  Let’s get started with this week’s Sunday SHTF Survival Summary.


1. When the SHTF, the biggest challenge we will have will be to defend our family from those wishing to take what is ours.  Many gather weapons or install security measures to protect against this happening.  However, having weapons and using weapons are two very different things.  A young Oklahoman girl passed her test this week as she shot and injured a burglar looting her home while she was in it.  The best part of the story….she was 12.  Good for her and I have a feeling she’s going to grow up just fine.

2. Anyone unsure of where we are on the timeline of economic and social collapse, take a read through this regarding how 2011 violent crime in the US is up 18% over 2010.  I’ve spoken to friends from many different areas and they all say they are reading more about violent crimes being committed in their are than ever before.  Is this a change in the trend after 20 years of reduction in crimes?  Or is this simply, desperate times, desperate people?

3. Like many of you, I have kids and worry how I am going to train them to survive.  It’s a tough concept for kids to understand, especially when they’ve had access to so many conveniences in their generation.  The good folks at Sigma 3 Survival School cover a great many topics around Survival Training for Kids.  It will be tough enough for them to understand a post collapse world, training them on what to be ready for can only help.
4. Two weeks back we talked about the October surprise where a candidate releases something very damaging about their opponent in the hopes it has the legs to last to election day.  Well, could Iran be it?  It was reported that US and Iran have agreed to one on one talks regarding their nuclear program.   However, Iran has stated they will not continue the talks until after the US election.  This announcement could certainly benefit President Obama as the underlying assumption is that talks are underway.  That, and Romney has been anti-Iran and seems like he would go into Iran rather quickly.
Also, don’t forget to check out the guest post on home security.  Have a great week all.



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