The Sunday SHTF Survival Weekly – Week 25

Nov 11, 2012 by

SHTF Sunday Summary

After a two-week hiatus, we’re back with the next installment of the Sunday SHTF Survival Summary. Hurricane Sandy threw us for a bit of a loop as power and access to the Internet was an issue for some time. Luckily, everyone is safe and sound and we’re back on track. This update will include some stories on prepping as Sandy gave us some interesting insight and the elections in the US. Let’s get going.


1. After experiencing folks’ reaction during Hurricane Sandy, it really opened my eyes further to how people can really lose their minds in chaos. We saw people screaming at others in gas stations, neighbor acting out against neighbor and criminals looting homes. We saw the true nature of many people and how they handle adversity.  Rob at shares some interesting pictures and videos on the chaos in the tri-state area after Sandy.

One quote I particularly like that applies to any situation when the SHTF, “People will take matters into their own hands”.  Good to remember for SHTF survival.

2. If you’ve been scared straight by the events surrounding Hurricane Sandy or another disaster event, this is a must read for getting started. While it is a basic list, there are things on here that really hit on “out of the box” thinking like getting some tarps and ropes for multiple uses.  Personally, I saw some use for getting plastic sheeting to help with sealing doors/windows from the cold.

This list is great for someone just starting out with great reminders on storage rooms, emergency kits and acquiring skills.  Big props to the Survival Mom.

3. An interesting question during this election is did we really see the country divide?  While there was not much of a difference in the two main candidates, there was an interesting split between them in terms of voting.  As Micheal of A Process Driven Life says in “Survival or Living”, the urban and suburban residents will always vote for the democratic candidate since they require the big government spending to support their communities.  Michael states that if more folks move to self sustaining activities, it would force the cities/suburbs to join in.  Interesting theory.

US Politics

4.  I really enjoyed the article on how it didn’t matter who won the election between Obama and Romney. From war in the Middle East to dollar devaluation to continued taking of civil liberties both candidates will do the same despite the media coverage. Only libertarian or Green Party candidates would have significantly changed policy.  As the two parties folks think they have to choose from look more and more alike, will we see another election in our lifetime where there is a real choice.  Until more folks vote for folks like Gary Johnson or Jill Stein, we’re going to have to prep for a very rough future.


5. During Hurricane Sandy, we got our fill of using flashlights to get around our homes and properties at night.  Most of our flashlights were your run of the mill kinds with 2 D batteries and limited light.  I had a small one that I could keep in my mouth for when I was filling the gas in the generator in the dark that came in handy.  However, I did think about how best to use them and if I had the right kind.  The folks at the Art of Manliness have a great read on tactical uses of flashlights in a crisis.  Also, they recommend a few every prepper should have for SHTF survival.

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