The Sunday SHTF Survival Weekly – Week 26

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SHTF Sunday Summary

This week’s focus will be all about prepping.  The US market was skittish this week and Israel started lobbing bombs into the Gaza strip.  I think we’re closer to war in the Middle East than ever and prepping will become even more important.  Check this week’s Sunday SHTF Survival Summary.


1. We all started somewhere with prepping for the SHTF.  We also all have an idea in our head of what level of preparedness is right for us.  We may not be there yet but we know what we’re looking for (in general).  The good folks at Before It’s News bring us a post on “What Level Of Prep Is Right For You?”  I think this is a nice guide for those starting out as well as those of in the midst of our journey.  Most important point of the article…there is no one at the finish line waiting to hand out the “You Are Prepared” award.  Very clever.

2. I’ve always wondered what good a firearm would be if the government decided to ban guns and start collecting.  The folks at Backwoods Home Magazine has an idea for that.  Charles had some interesting ways of preserving a weapon by burying it and has proven his theory after burying a rifle for 15 years.  The level of detail he goes through is quite impressive and managed to keep the weapon clean and dry after those 15 years.  Worth a read.

3. We all like to feel that we have our stuff together and could survive when the SHTF.  However, overconfidence can be a real weakness when it comes to prepping.  The gang at Off Grid Survival try to temper that overconfidence with the 6 Mistakes Preppers Make That Can Get You Killed.  My favorite is the last one as I believe that people will be the single biggest problem we face when the SHTF.  The unpredictability of our fellow humans is what I think will be what surprised us the most.

4. For Hurricane Irene in 2011 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012, we had a generator for the essentials   However, I know many people that were looking to turn just about anything into a generator.  Well, look no further than the folks at the Berkey Guy Blog for how to turn your lawnmower into a generator.  Electronics and engines are far beyond my knowledge level but these instructions seem pretty simple to follow.  Besides, what could go wrong?  ; )

5. One thing that has always bothered me is the concept of relocating your family to a rural location for survival.  I certainly believe that it is the wisest choice, the issue is the practicality of it.  Being able to move your family and maintain an income is the issue for most folks.  However, the choice has to be made as Mac at SHTF Plan tells us with strategic relocation ideas.  Check out the trailer for Joel Skousen’s book and documentary DVD on Strategic Relocation.

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  1. The guy who buried his knife is pretty insane. He even buried several thousand rounds with it as well as a cleaning kit.