The Sunday SHTF Survival Weekly – Week 27

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SHTF Sunday Summary

This week we tackle portable generators, discuss bartering and see how the fiscal cliff will impact us in the US.  Most importantly, we learn about Tyreek Tramell and his battle with cancer.  This week’s Sunday SHTF Survival Summary aims to do some good


1. Most of you probably know but Doomsday Preppers Season 2 has started on National Geographic Channel.  It airs Tuesday nights at 9pm ET.  We are also live blogging on the site those nights during the show.  We have live voting on the featured preppers and will be commenting on Twitter as well.  Check out the first two weeks here.

The American Preppers Network has a nice introduction to the show and, similar to us, tries to pull certain things from the show to use in their preps.

2. We often think of bartering as a given when the SHTF.  However, the folks at Survival 5×5 believe that bartering will be a lot tougher than we think.  The most interesting point is how you would organize a bartering situation during those dark times.  The risk you would be taking would require some serious security measures to avoid giving away the fact that you have items of value that could later be raided.

While I agree that it will be potentially dangerous to barter, it is conceivable that you could have an abundance of certain items that would be valuable to folks.  In fact, I believe the bartering of services will be an even bigger advantage when it comes to getting what you need.  If you have unique or necessary skills, you could likely generate a good return of items.

3. Portable Generators have become very popular on the east coast since Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy.  We got ours right before Irene and used it extensively.  It held up very well and I was more than happy that I bought a Briggs and Stratton.  When buying a portable generator, getting the right one for your home and family is key.

The Survival Mom posted a great article on tips for buying the right generator for you.  She even has some advice around getting a transfer switch making getting power to the rest of your home easier.


4. We all having been hearing about this “fiscal cliff” we’re heading for if the Bush Tax Cuts are allowed to expire in 2013.  Not only do taxes go up and businesses start laying off, but spending gets cut.  The cuts would be to defense and other domestic programs.  Defense cuts would mean less jobs at the Pentagon while the domestic programs encompasses aid to state and local governments.  Will this impact you?

Ferfal, at the Modern Survivalist, shows what areas will be impacted linking to a great map of the US.  Definitely worth a read.  For more on the “fiscal cliff” take a look at this Yahoo article.

Let’s Help

5. We, at the Home For Survival, were moved by a recent story on  Tyreek Tramell is battling a cancerous tumor in his brain that is inoperable.  We admire Tyreek’s commitment to his church going and his spirit and passion to survive.  So, we will be donating 10% of all advertising revenue to help with Tyreek’s medical care.

If you want to learn more about Tyreek and even consider donating, his site is  Battle on young man.

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