The Sunday SHTF Survival Weekly – Week 29

Dec 9, 2012 by

SHTF Sunday Summary

This week we talk how fiscal cliff prepping and how it will impact us in the US as well as some other key prepping items.  This week’s Sunday SHTF Survival Summary aims at prepping your family for the coming collapse.  Is it us, or does it feel like it’s getting closer?  Some strange stuff out there in the news.


1. With all this fiscal cliff talk, we turn to one of my favorites and the guy that got me started with prepping, Peter Schiff.  Mr. Schiff saw much of this collapse coming years back and prepared many of his clients for it.  Now, Peter is talking fiscal cliff and how you can protect yourself and your family.  Definitely will be added to our Best of The Web section.


2. Staying warm during the winter is tough enough with everyone trying to save on heating their home.  Doing it without power takes a unique perspective.  The folks at the Ready Store bring us How to Stay Warm During a Winter Power Outage.  Some interesting tips that take more than common sense.

3. I’ve certainly been more in tune with home security since I’ve read more and more about break-ins in our area.  It made me wonder if the high crime cities are seeing a spike in activity as the economy has worsened.  SimpliSafe brings us an article on the Top 6 Most Burgled Cities.  No big surprises in the list but some nice tips on keeping your home safe.

4. If you’ve read this blog at all, you know that I believe in community prepping for survival.  I’ve written about prepping within a community and 10 reasons why building a community is key for when the SHTF.  That’s why I am highlighting the article I saw on PakAlert on 10 Ways To Prepare Your Community For Economic Collapse.

5. Understanding how prepared you are for disaster is critical to protecting your family.  If you haven’t seen it yet, the folks at National Geographic have created a survey that gives you an idea of your preparedness.  Don’t guess what areas you need to improve, use this survey to guide you.

Reminder: We are live blogging for Doomsday Preppers on the site Tuesday nights during the show.  We have live voting on the featured preppers and will be commenting on Twitter as well.  Check out the first few weeks here.

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