The Sunday SHTF Survival Summary – Week 3

Jun 10, 2012 by

SHTF Sunday Summary

Week #3 of the Sunday SHTF Survival Summary.  This week we saw a pop in the stock market as rumors of QE3 were rampant.


1. Folks in the US are fortunate to be able to see how things are playing out in Greece as it is likely a blueprint of what we will we see here.  Interesting take from The Economic Collapse Blog as they cover the 10 Things We Can Learn From The Collapse In Greece.  One that really jumped out at me is #8 which is that suicides spike during a collapse.  Please be prepared by staying in close touch with your relatives and friends as mental states can be very fragile during this time.


2. Over the past several months we’ve been hearing how the housing market is turning around for the better.  However, the folks at Doctor Housing Bubble offer a different view.  They claim the shadow inventory is backed up as 2 million homes are in active foreclosure with another 4 million in some stage of delinquency.  We have a tsunami type wave headed our way and the wave is only getting bigger each month.

3. Will 2012 truly be an ugly year for our civilization?  Steve Keen, an Australian deflationist, explains why this year will be particularly tough for us.  He also offers an unusual but thought provoking proposal for getting us out of this tailspin.


4. One of my favorite articles of the week was that from on Choosing Your Survival Retreat Location.  This really dives into the considerations you need to take into account when finding that perfect bug out location.  It is the most comprehensive overview of picking the right location I’ve seen out there.

Just a reminder that the site will be undergoing some redesign maintenance as we seek to make SHTF survival information much more accessible.  Keep prepping.

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