The Sunday SHTF Survival Weekly – Week 30

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SHTF Sunday Summary
This week, on the Sunday SHTF Summary, I’d like to take the time to discuss the state of the world in light of the terrible tragedy in Newtown, CT. Obviously, words cannot describe the loss these folks experienced but our thoughts and prayers are with them.

I want to cover four main areas today – the media, gun control, parenting and how it impacts preppers.


The media has sunk to all new lows during this terrible event. They shove microphones in parents, teachers and kids’ faces to get their emotional reaction. They do it for one reason only…ratings. They are hoping for an over the top or explosive reaction they can have grab attention. In a word it is sickening.

I understand trying to find a reason why this maniac did this by interviewing family members or people he knew. However, the rest is just sensationalizing the tragedy when these folks should have time and space to grieve. So is what the media doing despicable?

I say yes but what are they really doing?  They are giving people what they want. We are a society of rubberneckers. We love to be nosy and witness others reacting to events. It’s no wonder that reality TV took off in this country. We stop to watch car accidents, flock to fire scenes and live for celebrity flame outs. WE are the ones driving the medias’ behavior. We want to see this stuff and can’t take our eyes off it.

Gun Control

This event has given the gun control supporters another example to point to for stricter gun laws. How I feel about this one is certainly a bit conflicted. I am a parent of small children and do not know how I would go on if this tragedy met our family. However, I also see the value of owning a firearm to protect your family in a SHTF scenario.

The problem with gun control has been beat to death on many sites/forums. It does not solve the problem as bad people will still get a hold of guns if they want to do bad things. Look at drugs.

In fact, I recently saw a graphic that showed that non-firearm homicides were more common that firearm related homicides. Also, the #1 weapon used in those homicides according to the FBI? Baseball bats. No outcry for banning those.

Where should the focus be? Would Lanza have been able to kill people without legal guns? Sure. As many as he did? Likely not. However, the motive for this pyscho was there. What should we be looking at here?

My opinion? Parenting.


Obviously, this kid was in a bad place and had some hostile feelings towards his mother.  Something in his upbringing went horribly wrong and this is the way he lashed out.  Instead of focusing on the instruments these unstable people use when taking out their anger on the world, shouldn’t we be discovering what gets them to this point?  This kid could have chosen a knife, a cross bow or a bat to do his damage.  The fact remains, the raising of this kid is what caused his actions.

The question is how we help parents with the raising of their kids to be sure they don’t turn out this way.  Hopefully, some light is shed on what cause Lanza to go off and then we educate the world on how to avoid it with their own kids.  Many say religion helps and I have to say, it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Do we really that this type of issue is going to get fixed or can we expect more of these?


My opinion is this is the new way in the world and you will always have to be on guard   Parents will pull their kids from school and look to home school.  Schools will institute stricter security standards.  Police will be on guard at schools.  When you see a potential threat, if you ignore by not preparing, you are foolish.

We, as preppers, do that all the time.  Read and react.

Let’s hope the parents around the country focus more on their kids’ mental state.

Please, tonight and for many nights to come, keep the folks of Newtown in your thoughts and prayers.  They will certainly need it.

Be well.


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  1. Suni

    Good article, thank you for discussing this. You are right, as badly as I feel for all concerned in this tragedy
    Something is wrong with our society. Personally I think it is a number of things. Bad parenting? To many violent games? Violent TV or movies? No parent in the home? We will probably never know the full reason but I think our entire culture has been in the cesspool for quit some time. I seldom watch TV or movies any more because I do not care for all the blood and guts or the sex that seems to be in everything that comes on. I am not naive enough to think this has no consequences. The one talking point I have heard over and over is that this young man had no emotions, that in of itself is odd. Our youth are becoming desensitized to all forms of violence and sex. There just doesn’t seem to be any morals today. I do think taking GOD out of everything has hurt us as a people more than we realize. What ever happened to if you don’t like something then don’t listen or watch. Case in point I don’t watch movies. I didn’t go to the government and have everything band I simply stopped watching. But there seems to be a mindset now that if it offends someone we must make laws to prohibit someone else’s rights. What about my rights to worship. They have stomped all over that. We are no longer able to parent as we once did, we might hurt their creativity, or damped their sprits. Did child abuse happen? Yes, it did but not in the majority of cases. When my 2 sons were growing up if they needed a spanking they got a spanking. If they were unruly in school I was notified and to the school I would go and find out what was going on. I did not always take the schools side nor did I always take my sons side. I would listen and then voice my opinion and go from there, Today parents hands are tied. Schools hands are tied. The government wants to control everything and it is turning out badly for everyone. I know my views are old school but you know what they worked. We as a people need to take responsibility for our children. The kids aren’t allowed to be kids anymore. Throw out the TV and game systems and try spending some time with your family. Try talking with your kids and stay home with them once in awhile. I am sorry for these families and I will pray that their broken hearts be healed.

  2. Encourager

    I read a letter from a mom who had/is doing all the right things and seeking professional help which has gotten her no where. Her son started threatening to kill her at a very young age, I think it was 5. He grabbed a machete and tried to hit his mother with it (the father had been using it in the yard). She says her son goes nuts at the slightest provocation. His blue eyes become completely black and dilated, and he attacks whomever has made him angry (parents, siblings, classmates, neighbors, teachers, other students, doctors, nurses, you name it). He has NO self control. He has been hospitalized repeatedly; the police have had to come take him away on numerous occasions. He is now 13 and getting stronger. Some children have mental illness that has NOTHING to do with the parenting.The only solution the professionals have offered her is prison. Prison? Seriously? What the heck is wrong with the medical/healthcare system in this country when a mentally ill child can only be put in prison instead of institutionalized and put on meds to help him?

    Don’t be so quick to judge a parent and blame them for what the child is doing or has done. It may be out of their control.

  3. Suni

    I never said anything about children with mental problems. Seems to me you are reading things I didn’t say nor intend. I still stand by what I said because I do think the children of today are being neglected maybe not internally but I have seen way to many parents let their TV do the child rearing for them by sitting them in front of it or giving them a game system and then never checking to see what they watch or play. Parents of today in many cases would rather work than rear a child. YES, I understand that sometimes that is a necessity but not always. When day care knows more about our kids than we do we are in trouble.

    • Encourager

      Actually, Suni, I agreed with most of what you had said. I just added to it and pointed out that it is not always “bad parenting” or neglect.I was also aiming my comments mainly on the main article, not necessarily you. Sorry if that was confusing.

      The subject of children with mental illnesses MUST be addressed. That was my main point.

      Also, many young parents today raise their children like they were raised. They were the generation who were latch-key kids. They may not have had violent video games but they were home alone, for whatever reason the parent had for working. Perhaps we should offer parenting classes to newly married or newly pregnant couples. I stayed home with my sons, and home schooled the youngest from 4th through 12th grade. We gave up two incomes, big expensive vacations and went camping instead, new cars every few years and all the other ‘wants’ that go with two income families. Our sons came first, period.

      In the original article above the statement “Obviously, this kid was in a bad place” is what upset me. We do not know if he was in a ‘bad place’ or if his mother did everything she could to help her son. The father was absent, saying he hadn’t seen his son since June. The father knew his son’s mental condition and as I see it, abandoned him and let the mother bear the full brunt of coping with their son. Do not be so quick to judge!

  4. mensa141

    Violent TV, movies and video have no more influence on people than the billions of dollars in advertising influences people. Either our Hollywood intelligensia is full of crap or our businesses are spending advertising billions for nothing. Consider that conundrum.